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PATRICIA EZECHIE  Coaching & Consultancy



Let me start by saying  - it’s not only about the job. You're not just interested in help to find yet another job – you can do that and have done that, sometimes over and over again. 
You think you could be so much more.

You know you could be doing so much more.

You definitely know you could be happier and healthier, and you want to spend your time in work you at least enjoy, ideally love and are properly remunerated and recognised for!

You recognise life is short – way too short to spend it doing what you really don't’ enjoy anymore and maybe never have,  and certainly not worth the physical, mental and emotional price you are paying!

But what's the alternative? 
You could change career, but to do what?
What else can you do?

Is the job really the problem or is it something else?
What really makes you excited and happy? 
What work could you do so when you are engaged in it you are at your best – using your best skills, playing to your strengths, engaging with confidence and authenticity. and most importantly thriving?

Where do you even begin to explore and answer some of these questions?

The world of work has never been more diverse, full of opportunities and possibilities. We have more choice than we have ever had and an increasing number of ways we can choose to engage with work. 


How do you feel about your work?

  • Are you just ready for a career change and want to explore the possibilities?

  • Are you unfulfilled in your job but are not sure what your next step should be?

  • Did you "drift into your career" or because the job "seemed" OK and now feel stuck but are ready to find your true purpose?

  • Are you ready for change but are overwhelmed by the career choices, or career paths available to you?

  • Are you ready for change but feel you have no other career choices, or career paths available to you?

  • Are you good at lots of things so not sure what career path to take?

  • Do you have no idea about what you are really good at, love or enjoy spending your time doing so have no ideas of what to do next?

  • Are you crystal clear on what you want next in your career but just need the right support to get you there?

  • Do you want to leave a job to start a business but are unsure what this would entail or if self employment or having a Portfolio career are really for you?

  • Are you looking for a Career Coach to help you achieve your career aspirations whether they be finally getting that promotion, leading with confidence, or just helping you to believe in yourself and that you deserve success and are not an 'Imposter"?

YES? Then you are in the right place!

Together we can work to bring transformational and lasting change and results for you, your career and your life. Your career development, career management, career aspirations and life balance are the key to your career longevity, happiness and success and by working on these together we can ensure you continue to grow, develop, succeed and THRIVE.

You have more choices and opportunities than you think and you can create a career that supports the life, success, balance and health you want.  

Take that first step towards that new future and together we can figure out the rest.

If you don’t manage your career someone else will

- Peter Druker

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"I pursued coaching because I felt as that I was at a crossroads in life. I recently completed a PhD and, after a challenging year pursuing work in the sector without much success, I began to wonder if academia was the right place for me. Then I had an unfortunate experience at my place of work that I believed to be related to my race and gender, so I decided to resign and take some time to consider my options. I felt that working with a coach would help me to think through my next steps and develop a plan to be 'an academic' on my terms. 


 I wanted to work with a woman of color, specifically a black woman of African descent, who would be able to understand and relate to my lived experiences. But ultimately, I chose to work with you because of  the way you described how you work with clients -- on career life coaching, resilience, and well-being --really resonated with me. I wanted a holistic approach and that's exactly what I got! 


Working with you has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. In addition to helping me to develop a plan of action to pursue my research and creative practice independent of an academic institution, you also helped me to reframe my decision to leave academy, not as a failure, but as a choice I've made for myself. You also helped me to explore how my culture, family history, and personal life informs my professional / career choices. I was able to take stock of my accomplishments. I came away with a new sense of pride in my ideas and my work. You also inspired me to develop a website, so I can share my work publicly and perhaps gain future opportunities. 

Using the exercises I was able to visualize a different life for myself. You helped me to see how I could apply my academic knowledge to work in a more creative way. I've now applied for and have been offered a curatorial role that will enable me to  develop a variety of learning-related programs in collaboration with artist, activists, and other organizations. I'm also working on developing my own creative practice. I've since taken a photography course and am using the medium in my research, writing, and performances. 

You are a kind, inspiring, and empowering woman who helped me to navigate an incredibly challenging period in my life. It was difficult work, but I'm forever grateful. And I've already recommended you to a friend and a friend of a friend! "

Dr N.Swaby / Curator, Academic, Writer, Creative

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