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PATRICIA EZECHIE  Coaching & Consultancy



Are you a mid to late career professional feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and on the brink of burnout?
Or a senior executive contemplating a career change and feeling unfulfilled or stagnant in your current role?

Or maybe despite your professional 'success'  you are experiencing a mid-career crisis and questioning your career choices and future direction? 
Whether you're looking to pivot to a new industry, transition to a different role, or pursue a different career path entirely, your in the right place!

My name is Patricia Ezechie, I am an experienced Executive Career, Resilience and Wellbeing Coach, and the support I offer is designed to guide and support you through your transformative journey to balance, clarity and and the future you want.

The work we will do together is deep and life affirming - unapologetically so, because this journey is about reacquainting you with who you are now, and what you really want at this stage in your career and life, and then helping you to achieve it.

If this sounds like the holistic, thorough, life affirming support you are looking for, and the journey of self exploration and rediscovery you would like to take, get in touch.

What Clients say......

"I had reached a crisis point in my job and was  stressed and burnt out. I was extremely unhappy in my working environment and wanted a break or complete career change but was not sure where to start. 


I looked online to see what sort of help was out there and after one brief disappointing experience I read about Patricia and  liked the sound of her approach. I had an excellent initial consultation with her on the phone. Her whole approach was very calm and reassuring and I  felt understood after just one conversation. 


Patricia’s approach has far more depth than simple career advice. She provides a supportive environment that helps you discover  for yourself what your core motivations and values are and the importance of finding them in your job and work/life balance. She is very insightful. 


I really enjoyed doing a lot of the exercises and discovered a lot about myself. I found Patricia both a great support and advisor  in the challenges I was facing. In the end rather  than leave a job that I love I have been able to understand why I was struggling so much  with some aspects and have been able to realign my role. I have set boundaries where previously stress and overwork had spilled into other aspects of my life. I now have a plan in place to change my work life balance with the full support of my employers and some exciting projects to explore for the future. 


I would highly recommend Patricia's course  to anyone. This thinking  process can be applied to any  aspect in life and I am sure  I will use it again. It was the result I least expected when I started but definitely the one I am happiest with. "

Ruth R, Creative Director, Fashion

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