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PATRICIA EZECHIE  Coaching & Consultancy



It’s not only about the job.


You're not just interested in help to find yet another job – you can do that

The issue is you don’t enjoy what you are doing, think you could be doing so much more, and you want to spend your time in work you at least enjoy, and ideally love!

You recognise life is short – way too short to be spending it doing what you really don't enjoy, and maybe never did!


But what's the alternative?


What else can you do?

What do you WANT to do?


What really makes you excited and happy?


What are you itching to get back to when you are away from it because when you are engaged in that work you are at your best – using your best skills, playing to your strengths, thriving?

My name is a Patricia Ezechie, I am an experienced and creative career and life coach, and that is what I help my clients do - create the careers they want and lives where they thrive.


The work we will do together is deep and life affirming - unapologetically so, because this journey is so much more than trying to find you the right job.

The journey is about reacquainting you with who you really are, what you really want and then helping you to achieve it – in your life, in your work, in your relationships.


You will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, what you want, what you love, what motivates and drives you and most importantly what you want to spend your time doing. 

If this sounds like the holistic, thorough, life affirming support you are looking for, and the journey of self exploration you would like to take, get in touch.


You have more choices and opportunities than you think and more power than you know, and you can create a career that supports the life, success, balance and health you want.  

You just have to take that first step towards that new future by getting in touch with me today, 
and together we can figure out the rest.

What Clients say......

"When I was looking for coaching I wasn’t in a good place at all with regard to my work. I was working for a big multi-national in a pressurised job feeling unfulfilled and unvalued. I was feeling stuck and like I needed radical change doubting my choice in career. I was looking for someone to help me get to know me (despite working on that very thing for the past 5 years) and to help me to decide how to move forward in my career with confidence.

I found Patricia online and really took a lot from her testimonials. I emailed her in an hour of despair and she replied to me straight away and after our first meeting I knew that she was who I needed to help and guide me and above all challenge me in my thinking. I felt a great connection to her nature, and confidence in her own experience that she was the right person for the job.

Patricia really does listen. I loved the structure she puts behind the work and how she tailors it to the individual’s needs. I love her sense of humour and how she held me to account but also challenged me to think and prioritise things differently in life. She has a great sense of humour which I found brilliant to bring light to some really daunting topics, feeling like I could describe anything to her in the whackiest of ways to express myself without her judgement but also her joining in on the fun.


It wasn’t all fun and games though.... at times I found the work really difficult and doubted whether I should continue. I need to thank Patricia for her patience and openness to accept how I was feeling to give me the space to push through and I am really glad I did!!! I have managed to look at myself at a deeper level to really understand who I am. I realised that it wasn’t only my job and career where I was lacking, but actually there were areas of my life which I needed to address where I was clearly in denial.

Working with Patricia didn’t result in a major career change I have to say! I am in the same job, with the same boss and the same company, but I feel more at peace with my situation knowing actually the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere and actually I really do love what I do! Working with her has helped me become more engaged at work and my self-confidence and resilience as a result has rocketed which means I am performing better at work and I feel that people are treating me differently and doors are opening for new opportunities.

Working with Patricia has also given me the confidence to address what is lacking in my personal life too, making me realise what’s important in my life, the philosophies I want to live my life by and how I can get there by taking action - or creating space as the case may be.

In a nut shell Patricia is : likeable with a great sense of humour, experienced both in her coaching experience but also her own life/career experiences. She offers a tailored package, a lot of structure, she will hold you to account and I love her sustainable ethos - while she won’t disappear after the main coaching block, her methodology is really setting you up with the best foundation so you can spread your wings and not be reliant on coaching all the time.

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