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Have you ever wondered how some people are in WORK THEY LOVE?

How did they find their purpose AND create the life they have?

Was it by design or were they just plain lucky?

More importantly, when they came to that cross roads in their careers the “ What next” how did they know which road to take and then have the courage, motivation and focus to make the change and fulfil that purpose?

The world of work has never been more diverse, full of possibilities and opportunities or MORE CONFUSING!

On average we will spend 30% of our lives working and yet 3 out of 5 of us are unhappy in out jobs and expect t change career on the next 5 years!

We spend too much of our lives to feel unfulfilled, unsupported, demotivated, overlooked, bullied or unappreciated so I want to help you change that.

This day workshop is about sharing with you how to begin to take back control and ownership of your career and future, find work you love and that fulfils you and build a life that supports that vision.

In this full day workshop you will learn:


  • Why you feel so powerless about your career and what you can do about it

  • How you can begin to find clarity and direction in your career and get it back on track

  • Some key strategies to help you feel empowered about and in control of your career again

  • The know-how and support that will help you achieve this – Proactive Empowered Career Management!

You really do have CHOICES and YOU CAN change your career into the career you want and this full day workshop will show you how to begin the journey to transform your career and future.

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