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A Career and Life Coaching Programme
that empowers you to take control of 
your career
and rebalance your life


Creating the 


If you are reading this you have come to a crossroads in your career maybe even your life.

You have come to the realisation that:

  • You spend too much of your life at work to feel like you do.

  • You are tired of feeling lost and confused and unsure about what to do next in your career for the best


  • You want to get up each day looking forward to the day ahead and not full of anxiety, exhaustion or overwhelm.

  • You want to be well, feel well and be happy in your work.

  • You want work that nurtures, inspires, challenges, rewards and fulfils you.

  • You want to succeed and progress in your career but not at the expense of everything else in your life.

  • You know something has to change…. you're just not sure what,or how,

  • You know the time is now but where do you begin? 

Every day I talk to and work with people just like you, and in exactly the same position as you are right now.

And every day I coach and support them to clarity and careers they love, where they recognise and embrace their possibilities and amazing capabilities, are confident to be themselves and to make themselves and their wellbeing a priority, and create and build futures that nurture and support them to succeed and thrive on their terms.


It shouldn't be a privilege to do work you love and where you thrive, and the great news is you are in the right place if you want theto make positive, lasting, life affirming changes to your career and life.

You can:





 And it's time to reclaim that future! 

Are You....

Feeling stressed, exhausted and burnt out?


Feeling stuck in your career

with no idea what to do next?

 Overwhelmed or unclear

how to progress in your career? 

Ready to THRIVE as well as succeed?

Then you're in the right place!


Do work YOU love

AND be successful

WITHOUT stress or burn out


On YOUR terms


With complete confidence in YOURSELF


Knowing who YOU are

What YOU really want

and all while THRIVING!

You Choose Your Future

It's your life and your career. 
If it's not working, you have the power to change it.

And here's how......


The Creating the Career you Want  Programme 

 is a step by step guide to building

a career and life where you thrive!

You will:

  • Get complete clarity about what you want for your life and career so you no longer feel stuck or overwhelmed

  • Understand what is really important so you can understand your priorities for the future

  • Identify what makes you happy and what you want to spend your time doing so you can choose a career and work where you will excel and flourish

  • Rediscover your unique strengths and skills so  you can best put them to use to ensure you continue to be your best, while developing, growing and thriving

  • Get clear on what motivates and drives you so you become and stay proactive and invested in your own future

  • Rebuild your confidence and self belief in yourself and your  career so you feel positive, proactive, passionate and excited about your future and able make any changes you want to make to create the career you want

  • Develop a new mindset to ensure you continue to grow, succeed and thrive now and into the future.

  • Create a more balanced way of living to support your mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing 

  • Make lasting changes to your career that enable you to continue to succeed and achieve while also thriving so you have a resilient, successful life.

Trying to figure out how to balance the demands of your career and your life is challenging - especially if you are feeling lost, confusedexhausted or burned out!


To find your way to a career that works for you, and a life that is more in balance, takes clarity, knowledge, commitment, the right strategy and vision and most importantly the know-how and support to help you get there. 

I designed the CREATING THE CAREER YOU WANT PROGRAMME to do just that.


I transformed my career and life and have helped countless others to do the same - changing and transforming their careers into careers they love, and that work for them - no matter their needs or aspirations.


My mission is to support as many of you as I can to do exactly the same.


The ultimate goal of this programme is PROACTIVE EMPOWERED CAREER MANAGEMENT© - providing you with the knowledge, clarity, confidence and self belief to design, control and direct your career, wellbeing and future.

This programme is transformational and you will find the changes in yourself and your outlook worth the effort and commitment.

Why this programme?

This programme delivers because

 it starts with you.




Truly understanding yourself is the key to your success.

We unpack it all.


We understand you and challenge your thinking.


We keep what works, is useful and enriching and consciously let go of everything that isn't.

We debunk and de-programme all the unhelpful and often untrue thoughts, beliefs and ideas you have about yourself and support you in discovering new ways of thinking and being that will fuel and empower you.

We reconnect you with all the skills and strengths you have.... and there are so many more than you know!

We explore and uncover your options and choices -  all of them!

And we rebuild and rebalance your resilience and wellbeing!

Because the clearer you are about yourself, your possibilities and your capabilities, the more confident you will be,  and the more confident you are the more empowered you become.

And the better your wellbeing, the more resourced you are, and the more resourced you are the more resilient you become.

You will not only see, understand and believe in the possibilities and opportunities available to you, you will have the knowledge, mindset and energy to embrace them.

You will become who you were always meant to be, and the power and self knowledge you will reconnect with will fuel your motivation, and provide you with everything you need to create a career, future and a life that will work for you.

And you will be clearer about yourself, what you want, what you are worth and what you can do than you have ever been, and you will have the  genuine, congruent self belief and confidence to achieve the results you want.

What will you gain?

By the end of the programme you will have built the bridge from where you are right now

to where you want to be !


  • You will have the clarity, knowledge and self-belief to confidently make any changes you want to make to your career to achieve the career and life balance you want.

  • You will know exactly what you want, and begin living your life in a way that supports your authentic vision and aspirations for yourself - with purpose and conviction.

  • You will have developed the knowledge and confidence to manage the momentum and direction of your career in a way that supports the life you want moving forward.

  • You will be clear on how to balance your career and life to maintain your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, to ensure you remain happy, healthy, successful and resilient, and have developed plans and strategies to make permanent positive changes to your life.

  • You will have access to unparalleled executive coaching support and expertise to ensure you successfully implement the changes you need to create the career you want for a life and future where you continue to thrive.

  • You will have a created a career that is both resilient, so can bend and flex to support you and any situation you encounter, but also have the power and freedom to choose what you want to spend your life doing.

" I had reached a crisis point in my job and was stressed and burnt out. I was extremely unhappy in my working environment and wanted a break or complete career change but was not sure where to start.
In the end rather than leave the job that I love I have been able to understand why I was struggling so much with some aspects and have been able to realign my role. I have set boundaries where previously stress and overwork had spilled over into other aspects of my life. I now have a plan in place to change my work life balance with the full support of my employers and some exciting projects to explore for the future.
This thinking process can be applied to any aspect of my life and I am sure I will us it again. It was the result I least expected but definitely the one I am happiest with.

What client's say....

You have more choices than you think,

more options than you know,

and more power and control than you currently believe!

It's time to reclaim your life,

and create a career and life where you thrive.

Are you ready?

The programme reopens in 2023.

Leave your details to be notified when more information becomes availlable.

Creating the Career You Want™ Programme

© 2016 Patricia Ezechie Coaching and Consultancy

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