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Creating the Career You Want


Get clear and confident about what you want,

so you can get the career and life you want! 


6 months


Virtual Live Classes & Self-Paced

Enrolment Opens

27th September 2023

Programme Overview

Half of women in middle-management and non-managerial roles say their careers are not progressing they way they would like, with 25% rating their job satisfaction and motivation at work as poor.

Stress levels among women have never been higher, with burnout rates spiralling.


3 out of 5 women are now considering making significant changes to their careers and lives.

Increasing numbers of women believe their careers are negatively affecting their mental health.

So you are not alone in feeling the way you do.

AND you have more options and choices for your career thank you think!

The Programme

The Creating the Career You Want™ Programme is a step by step guide to getting you unstuck, rediscovering yourself, and having the confidence

to change your career into the career you want.

Designed for women who have reached a crossroads in their careers, this career and personal development programme will guide you to the clarity and confidence you need to pivot successfully in your career, and refocus, redesign and rebalance your career and life.
Whether you are thinking of a career change or want to make changes to the career you have, on completion of this programme you will have:

  • Given yourself the space and time to explore your options and what else is possible for you in your career 

  • Gained complete clarity about what you want for your career, so you no longer feel stuck, confused or overwhelmed, exhausted and burntout

  • Built the mindset, self belief and confidence to make the changes you want to make to your career

  • Created and be implementing a career and personal development plan to achieve the career you want

Developed by Patricia Ezechie, one of the UK's leading Career, Resilience and Wellbeing Executive Coach's, this unique Career and Personal Development programme has been designed to support and coach you to the self awareness, knowledge, clarity, confidence and self belief you need, to redesign, control and change your career into the career you want.

On completion of the programme you will have built and be implementing a career change plan for lasting  transformational change.

The is programme is for you if :

  • You have reached the point in your career where your know things have to change

  • You feel overwhelmed, confused and unclear how to make changes to your career

  • You are overworked and in danger of burning out  / or have burned out

  • You want to explore what else is possible for you in your career and life

  • You want to make changes to your career but lack the confidence, know-how, and support to do it


In depth Career Transformation Modules taught live or self-paced, PLUS bonus Wellbeing and Planning Trainings

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Tools, strategies and growth assignments to support you in building self awareness and confidence to create any change you want in your career

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Expert Live Coaching and Mentoring, Q&A, Email Coaching support, and life time access to all learning materials 

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Private Online Community of like minded women &

Peer Coaching Groups

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In a Nutshell:

The Creating the Career You Want Programme provides

It shouldn't be a privilege to do work you enjoy, and thrive.
 By the end of this programme you will have
the clarity, confidence, know-how and support
to successfully achieve the career and life you want.

About Patricia Ezechie

_Patricia Ezechie Coaching Take Control of you Career webinar 2.png

Patricia Ezechie is a Career, Resileince and Wellbeing Coach and Expert, specialising in Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Career and Leadership Development and supports women at different stages of their career and leadership journey.


She is a passionate advocate of Wellbeing and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, and her transformational career development and leadership programmes, empower, inspire, support and re-engage women to reach their full potential. 

Developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which she suffered from for six years, means Patricia has experienced first-hand the trauma, fear, loss and anxiety that can result from burning out.


She was forced to reassess her life, and her experiences of recovery and embracing change fuel her passion to support other women to reach their full personal and professional potential while also remaining happy, healthy, and resilient.

She has supported 100's of people through their career and life transformations and her clients have included NHS England, SPORT England, UK Sport, Transport Focus and Fairtrade .


" My mission is to empower every women I work with to have the career they want and a life where they thrive and I am really looking forward to working with you and supporting you on your career change journey. 

It shouldn't be a privilege to do work you enjoy, and thrive, and by the end of this programme you will have the clarity, confidence, know-how and support to successfully achieve the career and life you want. - Patricia Ezechie

A Unique career and personal development experience.........

"I was unable to continue in my career due to illness and was overwhelmed and frozen by the enormity of having to radically change my life and career. I was in a position where I saw no hope and lacked the tools to realise the changes I wanted to make and was also paralyzed as to which direction or even what options I had open to me.


Participating in this course has changed my life and truly enabled me to become open to and identify new possibilities. It provided me with the tools and courage to manage the radical change in my life and to define a strategy that will enable me to see, work towards and build a new successful future  

- A truly transformational and life re-building programme. "

D.E, Management Consultant

Dear Patricia, I cried a lot of tears publically (as the group can confirm :)) and privately during this course. Some were tears of relief to be finally looking at all the things that have kept me so stuck, and some because of the unexpected insights I got about other parts of my life. I still have a really long way to go but am so grateful and happy that I finally started making the changes I have been talking about for so long and never done anything about. 

I nearly did'nt sign up but i'm so glad I did. This programme is the best investment I ever made in myself! 

Thank you.

J.H, Executive Assistant

"It really wasn't about my job after all !! I have made so many changes to my life balance already and I am just at the beginning of my transformation! Your patience, empathy and compassion carried me through this programme and the meditations and visualisations really were the key for me.


All I can say is thank you but that does not seem like enough. You have helped me to change my life and I am grateful beyond words. Thank you."

J.S, Publishing

Programme Fees & Payments

The Programme Fee is  £2997  including VAT (or equivalent in other currencies).

This fee includes all training, programme materials, assessments, coaching and mentoring, downloadable recordings, video's, additional learning materials, BONUS programmes and LIFETIME ACCESS to all learning materials.


Payment can be made in full or instalments.


If you change your mind within 14 days of enrolling you will get a full refund.

Enter your details below to learn more about the Programme:





Next steps

Once you have booked in and your payment has been received confirmation of your registration

will be sent to you via email.

If you have any question, queries or problems when making payment please contact me 

at, or call me on 07710 302611.

I look forward to welcoming you into the programme.

Terms and Conditions

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