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Yoga Retreat Day

Saturday 18th January 2020 

Yogastickmen White Ajna Jnana Mudra T sh

An opportunity to take a time out  for just one day to focus completely on yourself and what you want for 2020 . Beginners and all abilities welcome.


Beginning at 10.00am and finishing at 6.00pm this is the perfect way to take a time out and recharge in beautiful peaceful surroundings just 60 minutes from central London.

In addition to the re-energising and rebalancing yoga sessions and a workshop, you will have the opportunity to relax in the Sauna or take a leisurely swim, walk in the extensive grounds of St Leonards Forest or find a quiet spot to truly unwind and just take some time for yourself in the wonderful surrounding.   more>

Roffey Park, Horsham, West Sussex
How to Change Your Career
into the Career You Want
How to change your career Workshop 2- Pa

Have you ever wondered how some people are in WORK THEY LOVE?

How did they find their purpose AND create the life they have?

Was it by design or were they just plain lucky?

This  workshop is about sharing with you how to begin to take back control and ownership of your career and future, find work you love and that fulfils you and build a life that supports that vision. more>

Career Change Retreat Patricia Ezechie C
Roffey Park, Horsham, West Sussex


The CAREER CHANGE RETREAT is an invigorating two-day weekend retreat, packed with information, tools and ideas to help you explore how you work, your life and your career to enable you to proactively manage your career and future.

Taking place on Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th March 2019, at the Roffey Park Management Institute in Horsham, West Sussex, this weekend is an opportunity to reflect on your current life and work and gain a clearer understanding of what you would like to change, where you would like to be and begin the journey of how you are going to get there. more>


Rebalanced YOU - 30 Day Wellbeing Reset

Is making you, your health and your wellbeing a priority for you in 2019?

In just 30 minutes every day for 30 days take some time to rebalance, refocus and reconnect and make lasting changes to your health and wellbeing.

Reduce your stress, improve your focus and performance, and increase your personal and professional resilience.  more>

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