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Patricia Ezechie - Executive Career Coaching


 Career Coaching    v  Executive Career Coaching

Is there a difference?

Fundamental to my approach is that in this changing world of work each of us needs to proactively manage our careers, lives and future's. 

  • We all need to develop our managerial and leadership skills (of ourselves and others)

  • We all at sometime in our lives have to make complex decisions - personally and professionally

  • We all need to effectively manage relationships and build networks

  • We all need to work towards achieving and maintaining better balance in all the aspects of our lives so we can be the best human beings we can be  - at work and everywhere else

  • We all want to achieve and succeed


Each of us is unique so the extent to which each of these separate elements is focused on and emphasised in our work together is what, for me,  constitutes the difference.


My main objective in working with you as a Career Coach, Career Life Coach, Executive Coach, Professional  Career Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach or any other career coaching descriptor you may come across is simply this.....


  • To help you become the best version of yourself -  professionally and personally,

  • To help you become more self aware so you can better balance all the aspects of yourself and your life,

  • To help you succeed, have career longevity and be happy -whether you are Manager or CEO and everything in between!


My approach is holistic, person  centred, collaborative and creative and my tool kit of skills, experience, assessments, exercises and everything else you will need  - is deep, varied and extensive, my listening skills are legendary and I will be your collaborator, guide, support and trusted adviser.

Get in touch today

 and let's take the first steps towards building the career and life you want.

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