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Rebalanced YOU


30 minutes

 30 days


Prioritising your health and wellbeing by making time for yourself 

is the first step towards learning to manage your stress,

increase your energy and vitality and achieving

lasting health and wellbeing.

To be there for everyone else you must first be there for yourself,

and to do that you need to make yourself a priority in your own life! 

This program will help you to begin to do this. 

Every day for 30 days,

you will be encouraged and supported

to take just 30 minutes in your day,

to focus completely on yourself.

Through daily guidance,

you will learn how to reduce your stress,

 and boost your vitality and energy, 

ensuring you operate at your best,  and begin the journey towards  becoming the healthiest version of yourself you can be, and building and maintaining your long term health and wellbeing



THE PROGRAM is made up of:

  • Daily wellbeing mindset and mindfulness coaching meditations to you help to reconnect, reduce your stress, rebalance and set your wellbeing intention and focus for each day

  • A Wellbeing Toolkit to help you assess your starting point and track your progress across over the 30 day​​

  • Daily wellbeing  coaching and mentoring tips to keep you inspired and motivated across the whole program

  • Resilience tools to help you build your personal resilience over the 30 days 

  • Weekly coaching and a mentoring session to support and encourage you in  maintaining your focus on your personal wellbeing and resilience journey over the 30 days

BEGIN YOUR 30 day reset TODAY


  • Improved  mental, physical & emotional wellbeing

  • Increased resilience  & reduced stress 

  • A transformed mindset about yourself and your life, supporting you in making the lasting changes you want to your energy, vitality, and lifestyle

  • The focus and support you need to help to navigate these  challenging times and emerge, stronger, healthier and clearer about what you want for yourself moving forward

30 Day Program Price



Register below to begin your 

Rebalanced YOU 30 Day Wellbeing Reset

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