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No matter how successful or together we are, we all reach points in our lives when we need extra support, help and guidance. You might be feeling stuck,  lost, isolated or ready to make some big changes in your life but feel overwhelmed, unsure  or ill-equipped to make them.

This is where I as your Career Life Coach come in.


A Career Life Coach and Coaching can be transformational. As a catalyst for change, your personal guide, cheer squad and unconditional supporter, I will help you identify and move through the blocks and challenges  you are facing, help you see with clarity the options and opportunities available to you, and most importantly act as your guide, supporter and accountability partner to ensure you make the changes to your life you want to make and achieve the goals you wish to achieve.


A balanced happy life, genuine connected relationships, good health and a job or career you love and where you feel respected for who you are and what you contribute is what we all want, and I believe we should all have!


As your Coach I will help you become clear on what the issues and challenges in your life really are, help you identify clear goals for your future and most importantly ensure you achieve them.


You are the architect of your own life and in truth the only person that can really change it. But when you are unable to achieve a clear vision for your future, are getting in your own way to progress and happiness, are sabotaging yourself because of your often inaccurate thoughts and beliefs about yourself and you feel like you are only living half a life because you are trapped in confusion, stress, anxiety and uncertainty, career life coaching will help guide you to clarity and a happier, more balanced fulfilled life.

All you need to do is take the first easy step by getting in touch and together we can work through the rest.


"I can save you the hours I invested in making sure I had the right coach (seriously, I contacted 20 and had hour-long consultations with 9!) by telling you that Patricia was, from beginning to end, absolutely brilliant.

She is my best investment to date - expect to be transformed!"

L.M , Executive, Innovation and Leadership 

Your future depends on what you do today.

             Be courageous, take action and


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