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Habit New Year!

Updated: Jan 9

A kinder way to start the new year - Patricia Ezechie Caoching

I read a fantastic blog a few days ago that really struck a cord. In it the writer eschewed the whole idea of New Year Resolutions - something I have done for many many years. Even back in my teen angst, mid twenties assuredness, and thirties wobbles I realised there were more than enough things to regret and beat myself up about without starting the year by creating a list of them.

So I got off the whole New Year "let's heap pressure on myself" bandwagon, and instead started each new year with a benevolent review of the last, celebration, learning, self care, kindness and clear intentions about what I could improve on or develop for the year ahead. Too woo- woo? Works for me 😊.

Resolutions have an urgency about them. That urgency generally comes with fevered commitment, incredibly high and often unrealistic, unsustainable, expectations, swiftly followed by failure and dejection. I think it's fair to stay that 's just about the worst way to begin anything let along a new year!

So this year instead of resolutions think habits.

A habit by it's very nature takes time to build.

A habit - whether building a new one or breaking an old one takes repetition.

Built into that repetition is an acceptance that sometimes we will get it wrong, but that's ok.... it's a habit - so it will take time.

The idea of a habit is imbued with the intention of lasting change.... change that is neither immediate or quick.

So this new year why not try thinking about either a new habit / habit's you would like to develop, or one /some that no longer serve that you are ready to start working on letting go of, and see if that works better for you.

If this is the year you have decided to build and develop some better habits around your resilience and wellbeing, then you can find everything you need to get you started on that path right here.

You can find more free resources to support you in thriving in your career and life this year here


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