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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 Challenge - Day 5

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Mental health awareness week challenge day 5 - Patricia Ezechie

Mental health awareness week CHALLENGE DAY 5

At the heart of the message of Mental Health Awareness week has been connection. Increasing the connection to ourselves by increasing our self-awareness - understanding ourselves, how we operate and interact in the world around us and how to ensure we stay well – and through that deeper self-awareness an increased awareness of others and how they may or may not be travelling in their lives.

The quickest and simplest way to begin that connection to smile.

So the mental health awareness challenge today is:


Every time you make contact with everyone today - smile.

As you walk down the street smile.

If you want to connect with someone you think may be struggling – start with a smile.


Here’s to better mental health for all of us.

Find more resources to support you and your mental health and wellbeing here

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