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How to navigate the road blocks in your career

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

How to navigate the road blocks in your career - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

How to navigate the road blocks in your career

The journey through life is never straight. It bends and twists, doubles back on itself and even feels like it has stopped on occasion.

Careers are the same.

Sometimes it feels like we have to climb over obstacles, or walk around great huge boulders, and even smash through things to get what we want. The challenge for each of us when we encounter these blocks is to see every one of them as an opportunity…. I know that can feel like a big ask and some of you might even baulk at this idea, wondering how your particular circumstance, or situation, or that of someone you know, could possibly be described as an ‘opportunity’, especially if you are having a really hard time?

But that is part of what we learn to do here.... To see and exploit the opportunity in every challenge in our careers.

I don’t for one minute presume to know what your life is like, and what you have gone / are going through.... you haven't shared that with me yet. What I do know is that if you are here reading this, no matter what your challenge, you want to make some changes, you want things to be different, and you are already looking for solutions. Meeting your obstacles head on, having to walk round them and even on occasions having to smash them down can feel lonely, and daunting and sometimes even impossible on your own. I know because some of the blocks and boulders I have come across, have felt so large, I couldn’t even see over or round them at first.

But I found a way.

And even if I didn’t know it consciously then, I was honing the knowledge, expertise and skills to be able to change challenges into opportunities, and with practice, to use those opportunities to take great leaps forward, and to then teach others how to do the same.

To get the career you want you have to

  • learn to come up with solutions and alternatives,

  • think in new and different ways,

  • test and try new things,

  • recognise failure is just part of learning,

  • and have the courage to keep going... even when it feels really tough!

And that’s what you will learn to do here.

With the bonus that you have an expert with a tried and tested road map to guide you round, over and through every possible obstacle you will encounter in your career - with no blind alleys, no wasted effort, and with the minimum pain possible. So that whenever you meet a boulder or block of any kind in the future, you have at your fingertips and at the front of your mind, exactly what you need and can do to navigate them all - successfully.

I found a way, and will teach you how, too.

What obstacle / block have you reached in your career ?

You are not alone. Email me and tell me about it.

And / or use this free resource here to start learning some new ways of thinking and responding, so we can begin the work of transforming your career into the career you want in earnest.

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