Those of you who read my posts know how much I love walking on the beach. It is my joy, my solace, my peace, my space. It was particularly beautiful today. As I walked all I could think about was #georgefloyd. #georgefloyd will never walk on a beach again #georgefloyd will never see his family again George Floyd's life ended on a street struggling for his breath because of hatred, cruelty and because he was black. It hurts me to even think about this. In my world, in my little bubble, I can move through my life without fear. I am not always wondering whether some random person with a misguided sense of superiority, privilege, power, insanity is going to think they are different, better or have a greater right to be on this earth than I have, and as such can just take my life without fear of judgement or retribution. But that is the world and the reality of #georgefloyd and so many black men and women in America. I once said to an acquaintance of mine that the one thing could not abide was cruelty. She got very annoyed and said "Everybody cant abide cruelty" I looked at her then and I am repeating the same thing now....REALLY? Why am I writing this this morning? Because my morning has been blessed, but in that serenity I remember and continue to remember you George Floyd, and the thousands that have had their lives stolen before you, and the many more I fear will come after you. I stand with everyone in our collective rage, pain and sadness at this continued injustice and say #nomore. If all I can do is write this then at least I feel like I am doing something. RIP #GEORGEFLOYD and to everyone whose lives have been stolen before you.




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