Rebalanced You Wellbeing Retreat - Roffey Park 6th-7th July 2019

Rebalanced You



Prioritise YOU, Rebalance and THRIVE

Roffey Park, Horsham.

Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th July 2019

Are you exhausted or feel tired all the time?


Are you in danger of burning out or have 'burnt out' already?'

Do you never seem to have any time - especially for yourself?

Do you struggle to make yourself and your selfcare a priority?


Are your health, wellbeing, relationships and work suffering  as a result of the stress you feel you are under?


Then you are in the right place.

Managing the daily challenges in your life,  reducing your day to day stress and overwhelm,  and taking care of yourself is essential to your wellbeing and success, yet like so many others you may not know how to begin doing this, or struggle to do this because you put everyone else's wants and needs before your own!  


The result?


You are struggling with poor or reducing overall physical. mental and emotional health and wellbeing, you are mentally and physically exhausted and you, your relationships and personal life are suffering.

It's time to address this  - most importantly for you  - then for the long term benefit of everyone  in your life.

The Rebalanced You Wellbeing Weekend is a two day residential event to help you really get to grips with and tackle the causes and consequences of poor self care, self love, overwork, time management, stress and overwhelm, and start you on the journey towards reclaiming your life, health and overall wellbeing.


This carefully structured and guided weekend will ensure you take some much needed time out to really assess and understand where you are in all aspects of your life. Then through a combination of gentle body work (suitable for all abilities with no previous experience required), teaching, coaching and mentoring, you will be guided to reduce your stress, challenge your mindset, thoughts and beliefs about your importance in your own life, and guided to manage your time better to create space for yourself in your life. By the end the weekend, you have built a personalised wellbeing toolkit to support you and your ongoing wellbeing to ensure your self care and your wellbeing remain a priority into the future.

THE Retreat

The Rebalanced You Wellbeing Weekend Retreat is a unique opportunity to take time out to reset your self care, health and wellbeing in a very structured and intentional way. In the calm,  peaceful and beautiful surroundings of St Leonards Forest, this two day wellbeing retreat has been designed  to set you on the path to making and keeping yourself a priority in your own life.


Taking care of yourself and keeping yourself a priority is critical and does not mean you don't care or love the people in your life dearly. But to be wholly present and to participate positively in their lives and be the very best version of yourself, you need to take the time to take care of your health and wellbeing, reduce your stress and create time and space for yourself consistently so you can thrive too! 

What you will gain from this weekend:

  • Clarity – understand how not taking time for you, stress, overwhelm and overwork are impacting your health and wellbeing, and learn the tools, interventions and practices you can use to change this and make lasting positive changes

  • Insight - gain the personal insight and knowledge to take responsibility for and manage your life, stress, health and wellbeing

  • Tools & Interventions – understand your patterns of behaviour and unique stressors and develop a sustainable personal wellbeing plan and tool kit to make long term improvements to your health and wellbeing

  • Support  – be introduced to new ideas, challenged about old outdated ones, and explore, discuss and gain new insights into your health and wellbeing and how to make the changes you want to make

  • Networking  - meet and share your thoughts and experiences with other like-minded individuals.

  • Time out -  reclaim some personal time and space in a  weekend of learning, reflection and relaxation in beautiful surroundings in West Sussex


Enjoy a weekend of transformation, reflection and relaxation

Roffey Park provides a perfect environment for learning, transformation, reflection and relaxation.

Located in the tranquil surroundings of St Leonard Forest in West Sussex,  this purpose-built international leadership institute and dedicated training and conference venue is just five minutes from the M23, and 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport.


Facilities available and fully inclusive in your weekend include an indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room and a fitness room, jogging and walking trails for mountain bikes to explore St Leonard’s Forest.


Accomodation is in spacious double ensuite bedrooms with tea and coffee making facilities, a TV and free Wi-Fi. Roffey Park’s team of chefs prepare every dish fresh on-site, using high quality ingredients from local suppliers including many from their own kitchen garden and cater for all dietary requirements.



The Rebalanced You Wellbeing Weekend Retreat will take place from:


 Saturday 6th July 2019 10.00am - Sunday 7th July 2019 6.00pm


The price for the Rebalanced You Wellbeing Weekend Retreat is £595 fully inclusive per person.


The price includes:

  • The weekend programme of Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring Workshops, Support and all programme materials

  • Accommodation in a double ensuite bedroom per person

  • All meals and refreshments

  • Access to all the spa, health and sports facilities and grounds of St Leonards Forest


Payment for the Rebalanced You Wellbeing Weekend Retreat can be made by Paypal, BACS and all major credit cards.

Instalment payment options available on enquiry.

NB. There are only 15 places available on this retreat so book early to avoid disappointment!

RETREAT Facilitator

Patricia Ezechie is a creative and experienced certified Coach and Consultant with extensive knowledge and training in Personal Development, Health and Wellbeing, Career Transition and Business Development.


She provides holistic, solutions focused coaching & resilience support for better life balance, career change, career longevity & wellbeing. An experienced life and careers coach & wellbeing expert Patricia Ezechie’s coaching and consultancy services include one-to-one coaching, online programs, workshops, retreats and outplacement support. 


As a Stress, Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing Expert and Resilience Practitioner she has written for several well-known health and wellbeing publications and organised and facilitated workshops, away days, and retreats worldwide. She is a BWY certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher with over 15 years experience in the wellbeing field and holds a postgraduate qualification is the Psychobiology of Stress.

Her passion is to help others find theirs, reach their full personal and professional potential, create better life balance and become and remain happy, healthy, resilient and successful.

ANY Questions?

If you are still unsure this programme is for you or you have other questions contact me using one of the methods below and I will be happy to answer all your questions.


+ (44) 07710 302611

NEXT Steps

Once you have booked in and your payment has been received, confirmation and full details of the Rebalanced You Weekend will be sent to you via email.

If you have any question, queries or problems when making payment please contact me 

at, or call me on 07710 302611.

I look forward to getting to know you better on the retreat, and to helping and supporting  you in your journey to reduced stress, better life balance, increased health and wellbeing.

Patricia x

WHAT CLIENTS Say........

'I wholeheartedly recommend Patricia’s coaching. Her approach is professional, welcoming, patient and kind. If you would like to learn about the value of self-care and well-being and their importance in being happy in today’s world, Patricia is the perfect choice.'



I have had a 6 month coaching course with Patricia over 2017 and 2018, it has been fantastic. I primarily wanted a coach to help with making some career progression decisions, not only have I now got a new job and a promotion but also seeing Patricia helped with so many other areas of my life that I wasn't expecting - relationship, overall well being and work life balance and most importantly recognising the importance of making time to relax and rejuvenate.


I would highly recommend Patricia, she is a lovely person and an excellent coach.


"My husband and I attended a retreat having already heard great things about Patricia.  She certainly lived up to our expectations and proved to be a wealth of knowledge and support for us to make real changes in how we were both living and working. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how to manage stress and how to bring some peace and calm into your frenetic daily lives."



"It's amazing how much some time out can do for you and attending the retreat with Patricia in scenic Roffey Park certainly did the trick. Two days of learning, reflection and relaxation led by Patricia in her wonderfully calming voice, along with the opportunity to relax in the on-site facilities (sauna, jacuzzi and pool) and enjoy a amazing food and refreshments made the weekend incredibly worthwhile.  I felt more mindful of how I was showing up for myself in my life, and developed a realistic plan I know I can follow to make sure I make lasting changes to reducing my stress and improving my wellbeing.


I am still reaping the benefits of the retreat and would certainly recommend that you attend the next one. For the first time in a long time I feel positive I can make long term improvements to my health and commit to continuing to keep myself a priority. "



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