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You Want

Creating The Career


A Unique Career & Personal Development Programme
that empowers women
to transform their careers & THRIVE.



This programme is for you if....

You want clarity about what you want for your career so you no longer feel stuck or overwhelmed

You want to understand what is really important to you so you can confidently decide on the future you want

You want to use your best skills and talents so you can have a career and work where you excel and thrive

You want to be recognised, rewarded and valued for the work you do

You want to understand what is getting in the way of you succeeding so you can remove the barriers to your success

You want better work life balance and to learn to prioritise yourself

You want to feel positive and empowered about your future and identify the options you have

You want to develop the mindset, confidence and know-how to successfully make the changes you want to make 

You want a career where you can be your best self, and where you can be more of who you are

You want expert help and support to guide you, and you want to start that journey now.

Whether You're....

Work Desk
  • Stuck in your career

  • Unclear about 'What's Next'

  • Fed up in your job

  • In the wrong career

  • Disappointed with your progress

  • Feeling overlooked or unappreciated

  • Overwhelmed & unclear where to begin

  • Searching for your 'thing'

  • Or just scared of 'getting it wrong'

You're in the right place 
because the Creating the Career You Want Program™ will give you the clarity, knowledge, inspiration, tools, confidence and unparalleled support to get you the career you want for a life where you are happy, successful and thriving.

The Programme

The Creating the Career You Want programme  is a step by step guide to getting unstuck, finding your joy and having the clarity to take your career and life next steps with confidence, and it starts with YOU.

Most career coaching and career development programmes focus on what I call the externals  - your skills, your experience, your CV, the job market, your industry choices and the next job, but spend little or no time trying to help you understand the most important thing in the equation... YOU .

To get the externals right you have to focus on and get clarity on the internals first....



because the key to success in your career, your life and your future lies in understanding and getting comfortable with

Who you are

 What's important to you

What drives and motivates you


What you want

Work Desk

Based on the philosophy that successful career development and planning is dependant on our depth of Self Knowledge and Self Awareness, this programme focuses on helping you to really understand yourself - your motivations, drivers, reactions, preferences and behaviours. The clearer you are about yourself, the more empowered you are, and the more able you are to make choices that support and nurture you, and help you interact with and navigate the world around you more successfully.


By integrating Positive Psychology, Resilience, Mindfulness and Wellbeing modalities with career coaching, this programme provides holistic, solutions focused, structured, supportive and life affirming coaching and training to help you find yourself, find clarity, and create a career and life that supports your unique vision and aspirations for your future.


By the end of this program

you will have:

The clarity, knowledge and self-belief to confidently get that promotion, make that change to your job or change career direction so you no longer feel stuck or overwhelmed.

Be crystal clear on what you want, what you offer, the value you bring and what you are worth and be able to demonstrate and articulate this with the confidence to achieve the career results you want.