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Creating the Career You Want


A career transformation programme for women who want careers and lives where they thrive.


6 months


Virtual Live  & Self-Paced

Enrolment OPEN

Programme begins 15th  April 2024

The Programme

The Creating the Career You Want™ Programme is a step by step guide to rebuilding yourself, rediscovering what you love and changing your career into a career where you thrive.

Designed for women who are burning out, overworked or have reached a crossroads in their careers and lives, this career, resilience and wellbeing programme will guide you to the health, clarity and confidence you need to refocus, redesign and rebalance your career and life.
Whether you are thinking about a career change or want to make changes to the career you have, on completion of this programme you will have:

  • Learned to prioritise yourself to create better work life balance and more space and time for yourself in your life


  • Given yourself the space and time to explore your options and what else is possible for you in your career 

  • Gained complete clarity about what you want for your career and life, and redesigned it so you no longer feel stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted and burntout

  • Built the mindset, self belief and confidence to make the changes you need to make to your career and life to thrive

  • Created and be implementing a career and life change plan to achieve the redesigned career and life you want

Developed by Patricia Ezechie, one of the UK's leading Career, Resilience and Wellbeing Executive Coaches, this unique Career and Life Coaching programme will support and coach you to the self awareness, clarity, confidence and self belief to redesign, control and change your career and life into a career and life where you THRIVE.

On completion of the programme you will have built and be implementing a career and life change plan for lasting  transformational change.

The is programme is for you if :

  • You have reached the point in your career and life where you know things have to change.

  • You feel overwhelmed, confused and unclear how to make changes to your career.

  • You are overworked and in danger of burning out / or have burned out.

  • You want to explore what else is possible for you in your career and life.

  • You want to make changes to your career and life but lack the know-how and support to do it.


In depth Career and Personal Development tuition and Wellbeing and Planning Trainings


Tools, strategies and growth assignments to support you in building self awareness, self care and the confidence to create any change you want in your career & life


Expert live Career and Wellbeing Coaching and Mentoring, Q&A, Email Coaching support, and life time access to all learning materials 


A Private Online Community of like minded women &

Accountability Groups

In a Nutshell:

The Creating the Career You Want Programme provides

About this programme 

The Creating the Career You Want Programme is guided by the principle that a 'successful career' is one where you are thriving personally as well as professionally. To do this, you'll need to give yourself permission to prioritise your health, find out what you truly want, then have the confidence and resources to achieve it. This requires self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-care, and the right support. So, this programme focuses on supporting you to develop all of that, plus the space, time and coaching, and the insights, tools and strategies, to uncover what you want, rebuild your health and wellbeing and achieve it.

Truly understanding yourself, prioritising yourself and giving yourself permission to explore what else is possible for you in your career and life is the key to your happiness, wellbeing and ultimately a career where you thrive. By the end of the programme, and based on everything you will learn about yourself and how you want to live, you will have developed and be confidently implementing a plan to get you to where you want to be.

"I was unable to continue in my career due to illness and was overwhelmed and frozen by the enormity of having to radically change my life and career. I was in a position where I saw no hope and lacked the tools to realise the changes I wanted to make and was also paralyzed as to which direction or even what options I had open to me.


Participating in this course has changed my life and truly enabled me to become open to and identify new possibilities. It provided me with the tools and courage to manage the radical change in my life and to define a strategy that will enable me to see, work towards and build a new successful future  

- A truly transformational and life re-building programme. "

D.E, Financial Services

"I began working with you at the lowest emotional point in my career. I was having a terrible time.

Working with you really made me understand what it was I was struggling with.
You gave me a brilliant sense of perspective on my challenges and since then things have really turned around for me and I am confident and happier."

A.P, Healthcare

 "This course was life changing for me, reflecting and opening my eyes to things that I had ignored or had not really thought about. There were so many A-HA moment's and it has given me the impetus to have some really difficult conversations that are long overdue but I now feel ready for regarding my future."


P.A, Human Resources

"It really wasn't about my job after all !! I have made so many changes to my life balance already and I am just at the beginning of my transformation! Your patience, empathy and compassion carried me through this programme and the meditations and visualisations really were the key for me.


All I can say is thank you but that does not seem like enough. You have helped me to change my life and I am grateful beyond words. Thank you."

J.S, Publishing

What you will learn inside
Creating the Career You Want


Without our health and wellbeing, everything else is academic. So, we begin the programme by focusing on rebalancing you. We lay the groundwork to ensure you begin to prioritise yourself and your wellbeing, maximise the investment you are making in yourself, and put in place the right foundations to ensure you get the long lasting career, health and wellbeing results you want. By the end of this module, you will have a health and wellbeing schedule that will help you refuel and rebalance your life,be working on re-prioritizing yourself to the top of your list, and a time management framework that will enable you to comfortably accommodate the requirements of this programme.


Each of us is unique and our path to where we are today and the people we are today has been influenced by a variety of things. Our expectations of ourselves and our lives are also unique to us. In this module we begin to explore your personal journey of how you arrived at the person and place you are today and how that journey can inform and guide you in designing and creating your new rebalanced future.


More often than not when we come to a crossroads in our careers and lives, we know we are unhappy, confused, burned out and even lost, but the problem has become so large in our minds we cannot pinpoint what the core issues are To successfully transform your career and life you must first be sure what the true problems are, so in this module we begin to peel back the layers of confusion, distractions, and misleading clues so you can correctly and confidently identify your real challenges and what you really need to change.


To ensure we are truly confident in our decisions when we actively want to make changes to our careers, and the changes we make are right for the lives we have or want to build, we must be crystal clear on what we are prepared to do, change, compromise on or surrender, and what we are not. These are the deal breakers and non-negotiables and they are unique to each of us. By the end of this module you will have clarity on what the limits/ boundaries of the changes you want to make are, and identified what is truly important to you.


In this module we explore, acknowledge and celebrate what you have to offer. It's not just about your skills, knowledge, training and experience but also about the value you bring to others in both your personal and professional life. So often when we reach these crossroads in our lives we forget or lose sight of how amazing each  of us really are. You will be surprised just how much you know, can do and the depth and breadth of experience and skills you have collected over your career and life to date, many of which you probably take for granted and all of which will be infinitely transferable in the new career and life you are creating.


In this module we explore and understand the mind gremlins, inner critics and negative and self-sabotaging thoughts that are keeping you stuck and trapped in your career, unhealthy patterns and minimising yourself and your needs in your life.  If your thoughts and beliefs about yourself are one of your major career derailers, you will find the Proactive Empowered Careers© Mindset a game changer.  This module is one of the most powerful parts of the programme, as it will help you develop a greater awareness of your thoughts, how they fuel your beliefs, and you how you can begin to change them into thoughts and beliefs that will support you in achieving the career and life you want.


The last thing that should be standing in the way of what you want for your career and well is the confidence you have in yourself. And yet it is one of the major stumbling blocks to you not taking action in your life and becoming and achieving all you can be. Confidence is about so many things but at the heart is the trust and acceptance of who you we are and an unshakeable belief in the value you bring to all aspects of your life, not just your career. Building on the Mindset Module, this module is about uncovering what is draining your confidence and building on your learning from all the modules beginning the process of developing a deep and profound trust and belief in yourself.


We all want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best in ourselves, and have the best experiences we can of love, work, and play.  In this module we explore what you love by understanding what makes you happy, in continuing to hone your vision for the future and career you want to create.


In this module, based on all your learning and insights through the programme you begin to create your vision and make decisions about what you want for your career and life, and we work through the obstacles that may stop you from achieving it.

PLANNING PART 1 - Bringing it all Together

In this module we acknowledge how far we have come,consolidate the learning and insights from the programme, and realistically explore and understand your options for your career so you can begin making concrete decisions, setting objectives and creating plans. You begin creating a plan and road map for the future you have decided on, with specific, accountable next steps to ensure you reach your specified objective. We then continue to build, consolidate and refine your decisions, objectives and plan at the Vision and Planning full day workshop.

What you will get

Creating the Career You Want Programme

10 Career and Life Transformation Modules   - 10 modules teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know, and guiding you step by step the to career transformation you want. 

6 Months of Coaching - Access to weekly coaching calls and Q&A support for the full 6 months of the programme, where you can get support and answers to ensure you achieve what you want from the programme.

Weekly development assignments, assessments, tools and strategies to support you and your personal reflection and learning from each session.

Email Coaching Support - with a 48 hour response time for all your development questions

The  Creating the Career You WantCommunity  -  Access to the Private Members Group and Accountability groups for help, guidance, and peer support.

LIFE TIME Access to the Programme  -  You will have access to all the programme and programme materials for the lifetime of the programme so you can return to the course materials and programme at anytime in the future.

Also included are these BONUS resources to

support you on your career transition journey


A full day workshop dedicated to fine tuning your career development plan, and creating your step by step road map and action plan to achieve the short and medium term career goals you have identified for yourself. This workshop is also an opportunity to work with other programme members to build connections, your network and accountability groups for the future.


30 Day Rebalanced You Resilience Wellbeing Program focused completely on your self-care. In just 30 minutes per day you are supported to reduce your work stress and transform your mindset about your health, wellbeing, vitality and resilience. 

How it works:

A 6 month online career change programme with 4 phases:

The Programme is open for enrolment. Next cohort begins 15th April 2024.

  • The programme is broken down into 10 manageable weekly modules designed to take you step by step through your career transition discovery journey, and support you in your exploration and reflection. 

  • Each module is delivered weekly across the first 12 weeks via Kajabi - the learning platform, self paced, and a short summary of each module is taught live at the start of each coaching call. Modules are also available in shorter downloadable 15 minute audio lessons for increased access, ease and flexibility.


  • Deepen your personal insight, apply what you learn, and consolidate your career and life vision and plan using the tailored growth assignments and resources specifically designed for each module.

  • Finalise your career and life development plan at the full day Career Planning and Vision Workshop

  • Get expert coaching and mentoringyour questions answered and access all the support you want for the whole programme via the 6 months of weekly Coaching Calls every Tuesday from 7.00pm and Email Coaching on demand

  • Get peer support and develop your network with like minded women in the  Online Membership Community 

  • Return to the modules at any time with LIFETIME ACCESS to the programme materials.

How it works

By the end of the programme
you will have...

The clarity, knowledge, self-belief and confidence to confidently make the changes you want to make to your career and life

Developed a transformed mindset and feel empowered to progress in your career and life as you choose.

Learned to prioritise yourself and created more space and time for yourself in your life

Created a comprehensive actionable Plan for your career and life and began implementing the changes you want to make.

Embraced what you want, what you offer, the value you bring and what you are worth and be able use all your insights and learning to positively impact every aspect of your life.

"I had reached a crisis point in my job and was stressed and burnt out.  I was extremely unhappy in my working environment and wanted a break or complete career change but was not sure where to start.

In the end rather than leave the job that I love I have been able to understand why I was struggling so much with some aspects and have been able to realign my role. I have set boundaries where previously stress and overwork had spilled over into other aspects of my life. I now have a plan in place to change my work life balance with the full support of my employers and some exciting projects to explore for the future.
This thinking process can be applied to any aspect of my life and I am sure I will us it again. It was the result I least expected but definitely the one I am happiest with."

R.R, Fashion

 "Working with you has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life.


You are a kind, inspiring, and empowering woman who helped me to navigate an incredibly challenging period in my life.

It was difficult work, but I'm forever grateful."

N.S, Education

"It's always hard to spend money on intangible expenses such as coaching.

We all know what we need to do, right?

It’s just finding the time to do it… I could have kept telling myself that and I’d still be walking round in circles.

Instead, with the professional help of Patricia Ezechie, I achieved instant results.

Not only have I been able to retrieve all costs of my coaching sessions as a result of the work I’ve done with Patricia, but I’ve been able to increase my turnover, get my work-life balance back on track and secure new and exciting clients.

Patricia has a gentle, calm and positive personality that makes anything seem possible. She has the patience to listen, but enough guts to challenge you to think differently and see new opportunities. She has the knack of bringing out the best in you, and help you achieving your goals.

You’ll be kicking yourself for not having done this sooner!

Do it! " 

M.R, Marketing

 "A fantastic step by step guide to career clarity and I have already started my new journey in my new career.

Thank you Patricia."

H.L, Corporate Services

About Patricia Ezechie

Patricia Ezechie Coaching and Consultancy

Patricia Ezechie is a Career, Resilience and Wellbeing Coach and Expert, specialising in Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Career and Leadership Development and supports women at different stages of their career and leadership journey.


She is a passionate advocate of Wellbeing and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, and her transformational career development and leadership programmes, empower, inspire, support and re-engage women to reach their full potential. 

Developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which she suffered from for six years, means Patricia has experienced first-hand the trauma, fear, loss and anxiety that can result from burning out.


She was forced to reassess her life, and her experiences of recovery and embracing change fuel her passion to support other women to reach their full personal and professional potential, while also remaining happy, healthy, and resilient.

She has supported 100's of people through their career and life transformations and her clients have included NHS England, SPORT England, UK Sport, Transport Focus and Fairtrade .


" My mission is to empower every women I work with to have the career they want and a life where they thrive and I am really looking forward to working with you and supporting you on your career change journey. 


It shouldn't be a privilege to do work you enjoy, and thrive.  By the end of this programme you will have
the clarity, confidence, know-how and support to successfully achieve the career and life you want. " 
 - Patricia Ezechie

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