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A Career and Life Coaching Programme
that empowers you to take charge of your
career and THRIVE!


Creating the 


If you are reading this, you have come to a crossroads in your career and maybe even your life, and need help and support to make some changes. 

We spend over one third of our lives at work  – too long I think you would agree to feel unhappy and unfulfilled! 

So I developed the CREATING THE CAREER YOU WANT™  programme for you and for everyone who feels like you do right now.

Because everyone can have a career where they can be authentic and present, using their best skills and strengths with a clear sense of purpose, but in a way that supports their health and wellbeing as well as their aspirations for success.

You can have a career and THRIVE.

I want you and everyone who reads this to understand you have choices in your career, you can determine the future direction of your career and life, and you can succeed and thrive.... if you want to.


The CREATING THE CAREER YOU WANT programme is a career coaching and personal development programme for people who want to thrive in their careers, have clarity, focus, direction and happiness in their careers, and develop the know - how and confidence to proactively take charge of their careers, lives and their future.


Whether your career is at a crossroads and you are thinking of a career change, your career is in trouble or is even going 'sort of' OK, the CREATING THE CAREER YOU WANT Programme will help you:

  • Get clear on who you are, what is important to you and what you truly want for your life

  • Identify what you are good at, what you love doing, what makes you happy and what you would like to spend your time doing

  • Understand your unique strengths and skills and how to put them to best use

  • Get clear on what motivates and drives you, enabling you to develop a refreshed empowered mindset about your future

  • Re-ignite your energy, passion and excitement about your career future by rebuilding your confidence and belief in yourself

  • Understand what makes you unique and how to use this to positively impact your career choices

  • Understand what your next right career next step should be

  • Actually make it happen by providing you with all the guidance, support and accountability you need to ensure you achieve your career vision and objectives and have a successful career where you thrive.

Trying to figure out what direction to take in your career can be overwhelming, confusing, lonely and disheartening. To find your way to a career that is empowered, meaningful and life affirming takes courage, commitment, effort, self-knowledge, the right strategy and vision and most importantly the know-how, support, guidance and motivation to get you there. 


I designed the CREATING THE CAREER YOU WANT™ programme to do just that.


I love the career and life I have created for myself, have helped 100's of clients to do the same, and want you to feel equally positive, empowered and fulfilled in yours. The ultimate goal of this programme is PROACTIVE EMPOWERED CAREER MANAGEMENT® - providing you with the knowledge, clarity, resources and self belief to design, control and direct your career and future.

The work we will do together is deep, transformational and life affirming - unapologetically so - and is not for everyone ...... but I guarantee you will find the changes in yourself, your outlook, your confidence and your career worth the effort and commitment. Everything we work on is designed to be the strong foundation for your continued development and growth now and into the future – in your career and life, ensuring you are equipped and confident to navigate any career challenges or obstacles that may arise in the future.

By the end of the programme you will have built a bridge from where you are right now

to career where you THRIVE !

Why this programme?