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Reconnect with yourself.
Rebalance your life.
Reassess and redesign your future.


Creating the 

The Creating the Career you Want Programme 

empowers you transform your career

and rebalance your life

Designed to support women to find clarity, confidence, focus, direction and balance in their careers, this programme will help you:

  • Learn how to prioritise yourself and create more space and time for yourself in your life

  • Get complete clarity about what you want for your career and life so you no longer feel stuck, confused or overwhelmed

  • Understand what is really important so you can make decisions about your priorities for the future

  • Identify what makes you happy and what you want to spend your time doing so you can choose a career and work where you will excel and flourish

  • Reconnect your unique strengths and skills so you can ensure you are in the right career for you, continue to be your best, and develop, grow and thrive

  • Get clear on what motivates and drives you so you become and stay proactive, invested and progressing in your career

  • Rebuild your confidence and self belief in yourself so you can feel positive, proactive, passionate and excited about your future and make any changes you want to your career now and into the future

  • Develop a new mindset to ensure you stay confident, continue to grow, succeed and thrive now and into the future.

  • Create a more balanced way of living to support your mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing 

  • Confidently make ANY changes you want to make in your career and life, with expert coaching and support, so you can successfully change career if you choose, or transform the career you currently have into one that works for you.

Trying to make the right changes to your career and finding a way to balance the demands of your career and your life is challenging. To find your way to a career that is empowered, meaningful and resilient and a life that is more in balance, takes self-knowledge, commitment, the right strategy and vision and most importantly the know-how and support to help you get there. This is what this programme unique does.

Developed by Patricia Ezechie, one of the UK's leading Career, Resilience and Wellbeing Executive Coach's, this unique transformational programme has been designed to support and coach you to the self awareness, 

knowledge, clarity, confidence and self belief you need, to redesign, control and direct your career and rebalance your life so you become a priority in it.

It shouldn't be a privilege to do work you love and where you thrive, and you can make positive, lasting, life affirming changes to your career and life.

You can:





What client's say....

" I had reached a crisis point in my job and was stressed and burnt out. I was extremely unhappy in my working environment and wanted a break or complete career change but was not sure where to start.
In the end rather than leave the job that I love I have been able to understand why I was struggling so much with some aspects and have been able to realign my role. I have set boundaries where previously stress and overwork had spilled over into other aspects of my life. I now have a plan in place to change my work life balance with the full support of my employers and some exciting projects to explore for the future.
This thinking process can be applied to any aspect of my life and I am sure I will us it again. It was the result I least expected but definitely the one I am happiest with.

The programme reopens in September 2022.

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Creating the Career You Want™ Programme

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