Making changes is not always easy. Big or small, in your personal life,  career or business, being clear on what you really want, getting started and then actually doing it can be daunting especially without the right support.

My name is Patricia Ezechie and I am a creative and experienced AC and ICF certified Coach and Consultant with extensive knowledge and training in Personal Development, Wellbeing, Career Change and Business Development. 


I am also a Stress and Wellbeing Expert and have written for several well-known health and wellbeing publications and organised and facilitated workshops, away days, retreats and events worldwide.


As a coach and business owner my passion is helping the people I work with to achieve their full potential  - personally and professionally -  by  working with them holistically, supporting and guiding them through their process of change, transformation,  development and success.

As a Consultant to blue chip companies for over 10 years, I have first hand experience of working in a highly competitive, mentally and physically demanding, stressful environment.

In my case the sustained stress and lack of work life balance resulted in my developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which I suffered from for several years.


I was forced to reassess my life and make drastic changes  personally, professionally and financially, so I know the fear but also the empowerment, growth, happiness and success that comes from embracing change. I THRIVED!

For me change provided the space to be creative leading to the development of two successful businesses and an opportunity to grow and develop in ways I would never have imagined. It is this mix of inspiration, creativity, tenacity, passion, skill and experience that I bring to my work with my clients and which I would like to share with you.


My passion is to help you find your purpose, reach your full personal and professional potential and become and remain happy, healthy, resilient and successful. Your brighter, happier, authentic and more successful future could start today......just embrace it and contact me today 




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Without hesitation I have recommended Patricia and will continue to do so because she possess a charming, endearing personality that brings forth and nurtures the impetus for change in others. She is very skillful and knowledgeable about what she does, is patient and respectful and even when I doubted myself, she never did. 


Patricia you were there throughout my journey and all my hurdles along the way, guiding and

encouraging forward movement. 


D.S  / Consultant / N.H.S