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What Clients Say


"I had always been sceptical about coaching and before meeting Patricia I had a closed mindset about coaches, didn’t quite understand what they did or how they did things and so didn’t feel that a conversation with them would make a difference to me.  How wrong I was! 
Having reached a significant crossroad in my career, I was stuck and didn’t know how to identify where I wanted to go next or how to get there. Patricia’s services were offered through my employer and our sessions were as transformative as they were uncomfortable.  Through our sessions I started to understand that coaching provided an independent, external perspective and was designed to (1) educate me; (2) challenge me; and (3) get me to challenge myself.
Finding a coach that looked like me helped shortcut detailed contextual discussions on my lived experience, allowing us to quickly focus on the crux of my personal challenge . One of the most difficult elements of this was unpacking the ‘racialised’ trauma that had been subconsciously driving my thoughts on how others perceive me and my subsequent behaviours.
Patricia helped me to identify what I needed to do to navigate the transition from being a functional/people leader, acknowledging (but moving on from) the negative impacts on my lived experience, think through how to best use the skills that have got me to this point in my career, and what new skills I will need to develop to successfully manage this transition.
One of the fundamental challenges I had was being comfortable with influencing upwards. I had always perceived influencing upwards as something that people did for self-publicity and/or to benefit themselves. Patricia helped me to realise that this was a reoccurring theme in all of my careers and potentially why I had never taken the step from people leadership to organisational leadership. We took the opportunity to deconstruct ‘influencing upwards’ and to reconstruct it to align with my values. My re-defined view is that I should maintain a focus on influencing with integrity (building networks) and authenticity (staying true to my values, behaviours and purpose).
Patricia was the transformative catalyst to help me with my perception of power and how others viewed me. I would recommend coaching to everyone, specifically Patricia’s expertise and approach.  Patricia is like the new piece of technology that you never knew you needed, but once you have experienced it you wonder how you ever managed without it.


Senior Executive, NHS


"When I was looking for coaching I wasn’t in a good place at all with regard to my work. I was working for a big multi-national in a pressurised job feeling unfulfilled and unvalued. I was feeling stuck and like I needed radical change doubting my choice in career. I was looking for someone to help me get to know me (despite working on that very thing for the past 5 years) and to help me to decide how to move forward in my career with confidence.

I found Patricia online and really took a lot from her testimonials. I emailed her in an hour of despair and she replied to me straight away and after our first meeting I knew that she was who I needed to help and guide me and above all challenge me in my thinking. I felt a great connection to her nature, and confidence in her own experience that she was the right person for the job.

Patricia really does listen. I loved the structure she puts behind the work and how she tailors it to the individual’s needs. I love her sense of humour and how she held me to account but also challenged me to think and prioritise things differently in life. She has a great sense of humour which I found brilliant to bring light to some really daunting topics, feeling like I could describe anything to her in the whackiest of ways to express myself without her judgement but also her joining in on the fun.


It wasn’t all fun and games though.... at times I found the work really difficult and doubted whether I should continue. I need to thank Patricia for her patience and openness to accept how I was feeling to give me the space to push through and I am really glad I did!!! I have managed to look at myself at a deeper level to really understand who I am. I realised that it wasn’t only my job and career where I was lacking, but actually there were areas of my life which I needed to address where I was clearly in denial.

Working with Patricia didn’t result in a major career change I have to say! I am in the same job, with the same boss and the same company, but I feel more at peace with my situation knowing actually the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere and actually I really do love what I do! Working with her has helped me become more engaged at work and my self-confidence and resilience as a result has rocketed which means I am performing better at work and I feel that people are treating me differently and doors are opening for new opportunities.

Working with Patricia has also given me the confidence to address what is lacking in my personal life too, making me realise what’s important in my life, the philosophies I want to live my life by and how I can get there by taking action - or creating space as the case may be.

In a nut shell Patricia is : likeable with a great sense of humour, experienced both in her coaching experience but also her own life/career experiences. She offers a tailored package, a lot of structure, she will hold you to account and I love her sustainable ethos - while she won’t disappear after the main coaching block, her methodology is really setting you up with the best foundation so you can spread your wings and not be reliant on coaching all the time.



I wanted coaching because I didn’t have a clue what to do in my life.

Everything seemed so complicated and my biggest concern was my future career.

After I had a phone conversation with you I decided to have coaching with you. Somehow I had a feeling that you were the right person for me. The decision was based on intuition. And I am extremely happy that I listened to it.

Working with you was truly inspiring. Your method is more holistic, so we tackled all areas in my life. I was looking forward to every session and I can say that your coaching was absolutely fabulous!!!  I achieved much more than I expected at the beginning. It transformed my life radically. I look better and feel much better.


My biggest achievement is that I am much more present in everyday life. I stopped worrying and thinking obsessively. I gained clarity in what to do and how I want my life to look like. My house is tidy, my to do list is short, my productivity has improved  dramatically, I am healthier, happier and have better relationships within the family. I feel confident and proud of myself.

I would certainly recommend you. Firstly because of your capability to see a person as a whole and not only to focus on their career. Secondly you are a really kind and warm person but you also know when to be firm and push the client forward. Finally, my personal experience with your coaching is extremely positive and more importantly the results are visible.

Thank you very much again!


" I wanted coaching as I had recently joined a new company for the first time in some time, the coaching was to help support that transition and set me up for success into the next progressive step of my senior career. I knew very early on during our introductory session that I wanted to be coached by Patricia, I instantly trusted Patricia which allowed us to explore the bigger areas from the outset. 

Firstly, Patricia takes client confidentiality and the establishment of clear structure for the sessions very seriously - seeing that this was a non-negotiable for Patricia upon reflection contributed to building trust quickly. Beyond this initial framework, I found Patricia to be incredibly warm, thoughtful, caring and challenging in appropriate measure - I am so glad that our paths crossed, I learned a lot more than I ever expected from our series of sessions. It was very clear from the outset that coaching is a passion of Patricia’, one which she holds herself to very high standards. Patricia quickly created a safe environment to explore and discuss all types of topics to help unpack and understand these, this created a number of ‘penny-drop’ moments which, through identifying these, really helped me progress through the thought process to agree actionable outcomes. Some of the best and most memorable moments involved branching off on apparent tangents, which I found Patricia to be an expert in particularly making the connections to help maximise these benefits, helping me identify areas which were previously not clear. 

Patricia would routinely ask me on each occasion what I would like to achieve during each session. I am confident  that in every one of our sessions that Patricia helped me identify an area which helped me firstly re-define and then navigate the short term objectives whilst balancing these with my longer term objectives. Patricia maintained great continuity throughout the various discussions excellently, we would often check back in on the impact of the agreed actions and learnings during subsequent sessions, with Patricia gently holding me to account. 

I would highly recommend anyone wishing to challenge their current position and thinking to meet Patricia, in summary you will be better off for it. I am confident that for anyone aiming to identify where they can add the most value and whilst considering which direction to take in the future, Patricia is an outstanding coach and will help transform or find that extra few percent. And apart from all of this, I found it a really enjoyable and highly valuable investment use of time. "

Senior Executive, OPERATIONS



I was recommended Patricia as a coach by a colleague and it has been one of the best recommendations I have every received. Patricia was highly approachable, efficient and professional in processing my enquiries, setting up arrangements and running two series of coaching sessions. I’ve now completed both series of sessions and found them invaluable. The first series focused on helping me process a particular work related event which had left me feeling the lowest in my working life, with rock bottom confidence and self-esteem. The other series of sessions focused on my response to stress and strategies for tackling/approaching and how to help ensure a positive work/life balance.


I found my sessions with Patricia to be incredibly useful, albeit sometimes challenging (in a very positive manner) along the way. I found Patricia approach to questioning, steering reflections and discussions insightful and thought provoking. I ended each session feeling thoroughly supported. The sessions helped me to see and reflect on usual/past courses of actions and to reflect if useful for all situations. I now have an armoury of approaches/tools which I can use to help me ask questions of myself, to understand my emotions, feelings, thoughts and usual course of action/behaviours and to consider if alternatives would be beneficial. The sessions also helped me to consider the perspective of others, what may be motivating their actions and words and alternative ways to consider responding. I have also developed an action plan to help steer my future remaining year working as I start to think and plan for retirement.


It was an absolute pleasure and I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work with someone as skilled as Patricia. Our sessions have helped steer my working life to a much more positive place and now feeling more confident again in my abilities and what have to offer and that I can do/achieve. Thank you so very much, your coaching and insightful advisory approach has made such a difference to how I feel, think and hopefully behave and I have no hesitation in recommending your coaching services.  


I pursued coaching because I felt as that I was at a crossroads in life. I recently completed a PhD and, after a challenging year pursuing work in the sector without much success, I began to wonder if academia was the right place for me. Then I had an unfortunate experience at my place of work that I believed to be related to my race and gender, so I decided to resign and take some time to consider my options. I felt that working with a coach would help me to think through my next steps and develop a plan to be 'an academic' on my terms. 


 I wanted to work with a woman of color, specifically a black woman of African descent, who would be able to understand and relate to my lived experiences. But ultimately, I chose to work with you because of  the way you described how you work with clients -- on career life coaching, resilience, and well-being --really resonated with me. I wanted a holistic approach and that's exactly what I got! 


Working with you has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. In addition to helping me to develop a plan of action to pursue my research and creative practice independent of an academic institution, you also helped me to reframe my decision to leave academy, not as a failure, but as a choice I've made for myself. You also helped me to explore how my culture, family history, and personal life informs my professional / career choices. I was able to take stock of my accomplishments. I came away with a new sense of pride in my ideas and my work. You also inspired me to develop a website, so I can share my work publicly and perhaps gain future opportunities. 

Using the exercises I was able to visualize a different life for myself. You helped me to see how I could apply my academic knowledge to work in a more creative way. I've now applied for and have been offered a curatorial role that will enable me to  develop a variety of learning-related programs in collaboration with artist, activists, and other organizations. I'm also working on developing my own creative practice. I've since taken a photography course and am using the medium in my research, writing, and performances. 

You are a kind, inspiring, and empowering woman who helped me to navigate an incredibly challenging period in my life. It was difficult work, but I'm forever grateful. And I've already recommended you to a friend and a friend of a friend! 



Without hesitation I have recommended Patricia and will continue to do so because she possess a charming, endearing personality that brings forth and nurtures the impetus for change in others. She is very skillful and knowledgeable about what she does, is patient and respectful and even when I doubted myself, she never did.

Working with you has truthfully been life changing for me. You have helped me to remember to reflect and acknowledge my changes achieved thus far. You are an excellent communicator and mentor. You clearly possess great leadership skills. These elements all work together in such a way that enables you to bring out the best in others and encourage their own development of appropriately strong work-life skills. I value your expertise and opinions. Your coaching style is effective in helping to provide the impetus and catalyst for change in others. I loved being challenged especially with some of my ridiculous preformed and sometimes misinformed perspectives about myself and how others perceive me. I was never made to feel silly and felt comfortable in the environment created to discuss the issues I needed to tackle.

Patricia you were there throughout my journey and all my hurdles along the way, guiding and

encouraging forward movement. I THANK YOU


" I wanted coaching as I was going through a significant professional change, stepping down from an Executive position but remaining employed during an organisational structural change, and I had some significant professional and personal challenges to deal with as the transition to the “new me” took place. 

I really enjoyed working with you. You are a fantastic listener but also engaged in a level of supportive challenge in respect of the different situations I found myself in. It was so helpful to have this time to reflect and regroup in relation to my own resilience. 

I have achieved a strength to recognise my own resilience, ensure I have a level of control in relation to my future and to ensure that the professional and personal were dealt with appropriately and maturely to get the outcomes I wanted and needed. 

You are compassionate, challenging enough without the challenge feeling uncomfortable and structured in the sessions but allowed me to speak freely, and helped me through a significant change in my professional career retiring from an Executive role into the next stage of my career of self-employed work and an improved work life balance. Working with you helped me deal with the personal impacts and how this change feels,  ensuring that I stayed resilient and focused on what I needed as a professional and as a person. You have a lovely compassionate supportive motivational style and I would definitely recommend you. 

Thank you for your time and compassion.”  


Patricia was brought into Transport Focus to work with the senior management team as part of a coaching programme to help the team focus on potential future change and help discuss personal goals in the years ahead.


While I was pretty clear about my immediate work ambitions, I did harbour a desire to develop a plan to take up some form of non-exec/Board Member portfolio. This could be more formally through public bodies or more local charities/third sector organisations. After nearly 40 years in the work place , with 26 years in consumer representation I would hope I have something to offer as well as learn.


Talking and working with Patricia was fantastic. Not only did Patricia set out some very clear steps to help me think much more clearly about how to approach the first and subsequent steps to develop a non-exec type career, Patricia also made me appreciate that I do have a lot to offer based on the things I’ve done and achieved. Building confidence and perhaps not being so reluctant to express my achievements.


I really valued my discussions with Patricia. Certainly gave me a clear set of steps to take on my career development and a greater sense of confidence and self-belief. Thanks Patricia!


We needed coaching to help the Management Team think about their roles and how they might fit into any new, expanded organisation – i.e where do you want to be in three to five years time?


We choose you as we had previous positive experience through outplacement. You are very positive – you got me to talk and you asked questions. No judgments, no leading just a very positive coaching experience and provided a chance to talk about the future/discuss some practical issues.


Working with you Patricia was very positive for me and colleagues. Your quiet, unassuming style is perfect to get people to talk about their aspirations, issues and thoughts. This worked really well on outplacement and more general senior staff coaching.


Yes, I would recommend you for all of the above reasons. 


I requested coaching from my manager as I felt I was experiencing imposter syndrome and also wanted support with planning out my next steps career wise. I was experiencing a trying time at work due to the impact of Covid on my service and felt overwhelmed with the demands of supporting the service through its recovery out of covid. 


Patricia was recommended to me. My manager literally said you need someone who will not beat around the bush. Patricia will challenge your thinking and help you to work out your perceptions. 

I found Patricia to be very friendly and genuinely interested in what I had to share. It was very easy to build rapport with her from the first session and maintain a rapport throughout. I looked forward to my sessions and always left sessions feeling invigorated. 


Patricia helped me to challenge my negative perceptions about myself and helped me to work through some of the interpersonal challenges I was facing at work. Coaching was transformational for me. I started out very unsure about myself, feeling like an imposter and feeling overwhelmed. By the end I felt much more confident about myself, I achieved a promotion and was feeling brave and bold enough to take on a new challenge that required me leaving my role. 

The tools coaching gave me have been transferable to other parts of my life. When I am doubting myself I draw on the techniques Patricia taught me to challenge my thoughts and adjust my thinking. 


I would 100% recommend Patricia. Patricia is highly skilled and takes the time to understand what you require. She will challenge you in a way that gets you to think for yourself and assist you to find the right solutions. 


I worked with Patricia through a scheme created by my employer to support management ahead of a potential major restructure. I met her just a couple of weeks after returning from a third period of maternity leave.


While I was pleased to hear I would be working with someone who took a holistic 'whole-person' approach, I was slightly sceptical that it would actually help me. I am a real convert!


After a short course of sessions I have a clearer sense of purpose, a plan of action, and she has helped me gain confidence back.


Patricia worked with the limited time I was able to give to her 'homework' outside of the sessions, and took a realistic approach to the challenges I face. 


She asks tough questions and challenges anything she sees as inaccurate or unfair.  I would work with her again for sure, and would recommend her to any employer. 



"We were embarking upon a redundancy programme and wanted to find an outplacement professional who would be able to lend a tailored, holistic approach to the 1:1 sessions with every individual at risk of redundancy. Patricia understood the brief immediately and put forward a well matched proposal. 


Patricia was professional, personable and warm and we found she was able to adapt her style and approach depending on the individual and their needs. Everyone that attended her outplacement sessions trusted her very quickly and enjoyed their time with her. All staff have given me excellent individual feedback and found every session with Patricia incredibly helpful, so much so that they would love more sessions with her to discuss other aspects of their life! 

All staff that attended Patricia’s outplacement sessions felt that she was a trusted person who wasn’t connected to the business, which enabled them to be open and honest throughout the process. Patricia provided gentle guidance, counsel and practical advice which empowered our staff to develop a sense of control and therefore allow them to make reasoned decisions about their future. 

Patricia became a trusted part of the team very quickly. I felt secure in knowing that the outplacement sessions would be handled professionally and practically, with kindness and patience. Patricia has a very high level of emotional intelligence and critical thinking. This paired with good judgement and excellent business acumen, means that Patricia provides excellent value for money and would be an asset to any organisation or individual going through a period of change.

I can’t recommend Patricia enough.


I had reached a crisis point in my job and was  stressed and burnt out. I was extremely unhappy in my working environment and wanted a break or complete career change but was not sure where to start. 


I looked online to see what sort of help was out there and after one brief disappointing experience I read about Patricia and  liked the sound of her approach. I had an excellent initial consultation with her on the phone. Her whole approach was very calm and reassuring and I  felt understood after just one conversation. 


Patricia’s approach has far more depth than simple career advice. She provides a supportive environment that helps you discover  for yourself what your core motivations and values are and the importance of finding them in your job and work/life balance. She is very insightful. 


I really enjoyed doing a lot of the exercises and discovered a lot about myself. I found Patricia both a great support and advisor  in the challenges I was facing. In the end rather  than leave a job that I love I have been able to understand why I was struggling so much  with some aspects and have been able to realign my role. I have set boundaries where previously stress and overwork had spilled into other aspects of my life. I now have a plan in place to change my work life balance with the full support of my employers and some exciting projects to explore for the future. 


I would highly recommend Patricia's course  to anyone. This thinking  process can be applied to any  aspect in life and I am sure  I will use it again. It was the result I least expected when I started but definitely the one I am happiest with. 


I have had a 6 month coaching course with Patricia over 2017 and 2018, it has been fantastic. I primarily wanted a coach to help with making some career progression decisions, not only have I now got a new job and a promotion but also seeing Patricia helped with so many other areas of my life that I wasn't expecting - relationship, overall well being and work life balance and most importantly recognising the importance of making time to relax and rejuvenate.


I would highly recommend Patricia, she is a lovely person and an excellent coach.


I can save you the hours I invested in making sure I had the right coach (seriously, I contacted 20 and had hour-long consultations with 9!) by telling you that Patricia was, from beginning to end, absolutely brilliant.

I have never met anyone who is that compassionate but who is not afraid to challenge - and the effect is life-changing.  I came to Patricia knee-deep in a quarter life crisis, doubting every decision I'd ever made and feeling frustrated at where I was, but also where I wasn't.  I walked away not just with a new career (and job to match) but also a refreshed mindset and whole new energy and love for living my life. 

She is my best investment to date - expect to be transformed!


I was feeling stuck in a rut and afraid to take that next step.  Patricia’s legendary listening skills and logical progression of discussion, exercises, and action really helped me to understand what is most important, to define where I want to go, and to create a plan to get there.  She reminded me at critical points of things I had said earlier which kept me on track with the critical work (rather than the urgent work).  I still have work to do, but I have stronger faith in my own ability to overcome obstacles and get to where I want to be.



I wanted coaching to work on my confidence, particularly in public speaking as this is something that I previously did not enjoy, but dreaded. My role was developing with increasing professional and leadership opportunities that required public speaking events. I wanted coaching to overcome these fears so that I could enjoy these opportunities and do my best to communicate my knowledge in the best way possible.


I enjoyed my coaching sessions with Patricia, she took the time to get to know me and what my goals were. During the first sessions, we looked at difficult events and times, where Patricia was empathetic with sensitive topics. As our sessions continued I could see my confidence boost as Patricia helped me to identify for myself why I was feeling certain emotions, giving me more self-awareness and tools/processes to help change my narrative and refocus on my goals and priorities.


My sessions with Patricia led me to achieve several public speaking events with confidence. My improved self-awareness has reduced my negative responses to triggers, and helped me to value my own knowledge and skills with more confidence and certainty and challenge my negative thoughts.


I would 100% recommend Patricia. She has a warm manner that makes you feel safe and the knowledge and expertise to help you target and work towards your goals.


Through reflection and discussions with a professional mentor I identified some recurring patterns in my behaviour and mindset which I think were holding me back professionally. I wanted to work with someone to unpick these and to help me break the cycle before starting a new job. 

I enjoyed working with Patricia, although it was emotional at times. Her approach was friendly and approachable, yet challenging and I was definitely taken out of my comfort zone during the process. What she said made so much sense to me and was very relevant to challenges faced in my life. 

Patricia gave me some really helpful mental models to combat my negative thoughts and improve my confidence. Her advice was very relevant and practical and it made a big difference to my confidence when starting my new job. This was also the first time I had tried professional coaching and really thought about and reflected on my career. The process helped me identify my direction and challenge negative thoughts and I know that the benefits will continue long after our course of sessions. 

I would absolutely recommend Patricia beacause she is a skilled coach and kind person and working with her has made a big difference in my professional and also personal life. 

Thank you for your coaching, and for setting me off on a journey I plan to continue. 


I needed to re-establish a work life balance and chose you  - several things - proximity to where I live but mostly because of your matter of fact down to earth approach, that you have experience in the corporate world and that you are highly qualified and a woman so can see things from a female perspective


I like your matter of fact down to earth approach without any airy fairy nonsense.  You can be a hard taskmaster but that is what I needed and I like the fact that you 'don't take prisoners' lol.


I discovered things I never really knew about myself which helped me resolve a lot of issues and helped me focus on what was important, stop stressing about things I have no control over and kicking me up the rear end to re-establish a social life. 


I would recommend Patricia to anyone who needed help in re-establishing a balance between work and other aspects of life.  Work can be all consuming leaving us depressed and socially isolated.  With Patricia's help I was able to re-address the balance, re-establish an outlook on life in realising what was important and what wasn't and re-define what my goals and ambitions were both in work and outside of work.  Her matter of fact and down to earth approach helped me achieve goals that were realistic.  It was hard work but worth every moment.


I am very lucky to have found a coach like Patricia. I had envisaged a hard time trying to find a coach that suited my needs but after my first consultation with Patricia I didn’t have to look any further.  She was positive, enthusiastic, warm and understanding.

I wanted to explore the possibilities of changing careers and finding more fulfilling work.

I have achieved a lot of clarity about myself and the areas of my personality that hold me back when it comes to make decisions and selling myself in the labour market. The sessions with Patricia provided tools to better examine these areas and to work towards improving them. The sessions also revealed personal qualities and skills that were important in terms of valuing myself and not being afraid of aiming for a better job and a better life.

It has been a pleasure working with Patricia and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is in search of help and clarity to improve their life.


I wanted coaching as I was at a point where I was unsure on the direction in life which I wanted to take, and I needed help and direction in my next career choice.

I chose to work with Patricia because she was highly recommended by a friend, and when I met Patricia I knew that she would be a wonderful guide in me finding direction in my life.

I found working with Patricia to be really helpful and insightful. She was able to guide me in the right direction, and was graceful in her approach, and highly effective. Patricia is a great listener, and gave incredible advice.

I left the sessions having a clearer picture as to what I wanted to achieve in my life, and where I was headed. I knew what needed to be done, and felt confident that I was going in the right direction.

I would highly recommend Patricia’s services to anyone who might be feeling stuck in a rut, with a lack of direction. She is highly effective in her work, she is warm and approachable, and will make you feel at ease in describing whatever obstacles you are dealing with. She will provide constructive feedback, and help you come up with a well-laid out plan to move in the right direction in your life once again.


I needed a strategy to manage changes I wanted to make in my life and to prioritise and not to get overwhelmed but move on. Despite no website  - your materials on the Life Coach directory and Linkedin profile were well written and described in a concise way what you specialise in and was directed to your clients - unlike majority of others who just write about themselves. I had interviewed about 6 coaches prior to making my decision (after checking about 100 websites) and you were the only one who listened and was not afraid to question me - whilst others focused on themselves and their brilliant ideas (e.g. you need to be more positive about work, yeah right...).

I liked the fact that your approach included mentoring rather than just the structured coaching approach I'm used to and that we looked at all the aspects of my life not just my career and business ideas. I also appreciated firm and honest advice/action plans which had flexibility as well. Our sessions totally opened my eyes as to options of changing career. They helped me to see through the clouds and feel stronger and more confident in probably the most difficult time in my life in many years. If you need someone who would cut through the crap and focus on you and your current situation so you can build yourself up for a change and be able to implement it, Patricia is it - she provides a supportive, creative, insightful and challenging environment to achieve that.


I wanted coaching as I felt at a cross-roads with decision making and couldn’t get the different elements clear in my head. And I also found it hard to separate reality from what might have been sabotaging and unhelpful thinking patterns. I was looking for someone who could help me declutter the decisions and challenge my thinking.

I chose Patricia because she came highly recommended, but mostly because from the initial consultation I felt we had a great rapport, and she instantly understood the issues at hand. 

Working with Patricia was great – I enjoyed the sessions and felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings openly. Patricia created a safe space in which we could explore what was happening for me and why. And we also spent some time looking at practical solutions and decisions which I really like!  Her style is very open, sometimes challenging but really friendly and warm. She gave me the space to share my thoughts and views without judgement.

I came away from our time working together with more clarity around what’s important to me, how to move forward with decision making, and why sometimes it’s not even about the decision! It also opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and asking myself whether the things I believe and think are necessarily true, or could be challenged. It made me more open to exploring other ideas and opportunities rather than being stuck sometimes in negative thinking patterns or black and white options.

I would definitely recommend working with Patricia as I felt we achieved a lot in only a short time, and I think her style really suits a variety of issues – from business to personal and everything in between. She creates a safe space and gives room to explore ideas, options, thinking patterns and even beliefs, which helped me to move forward and make the changes I wanted to make in my your life. 


I can highly recommend Patricia as a life coach as she provides an uplifting and supportive environment in which to organise your personal and work life. She oozes warmth and positivity. During our sessions she had valuable input whilst empowering me to come to my own decisions that have resulted in me establishing a new business after being out of the workplace for nearly 10 years as I was raising children. I have now found a job that I love too. It was a difficult transition in my life and Patricia without a doubt made it a lot easier and enjoyable.



After speaking to a friend about my job where I felt undervalued and demotivated, she suggested I get a coach. I realised that I needed help in discovering my strengths and identifying a career path that matches my qualities and interests.

I chose Patricia after speaking to a number of other coaches, however I found her to be the only one who asked a lot of questions about me and the reasons behind the decisions I've made, which demonstrated she had a genuine interest. I liked her style of coaching as she was flexible in what we covered in the meetings which was as though I was having a conversation with a friend.

After each meeting, I was always ready to work through the action plans and bring my findings to the next meeting to discuss with Patricia. I now have a much better knowledge of my skills, my values and areas for development which I've already made progress on. I would definitely recommend Patricia as she'll help you discover how you can be successful in a supportive manner.


I wanted coaching because I was not adjusting or accepting my new life in the UK. I found Patricia online and read all her reviews and liked the sound of how she helped others. She was very friendly and understanding. I always looked forward to meeting with her. She always asked questions I would have never thought of asking myself and she was patient in waiting for my answers. She believed in me completely when I didn't believe in myself at all. From my sessions with Patricia I got a new job and accepted my new life in the U.K. I have adjusted and am enjoying this new adventure.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for help. She was very interested and accepting of all my issues and knew exactly what to ask me to get me to think in a different and more positive way. 


Thanks so much Patricia for your help. 


Patricia is an exceptional coach. She has helped me find clarity through very challenging times. Her warmth, energy and insightfulness has given me the confidence to follow through with some very difficult conversations that needed to be had. Feeling very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.


I have worked with Patricia as a business coach for 2 years, and the results have been life changing! It’s always hard to spend money on intangible expenses such as coaching. We all know what we need to do, right? It’s just finding the time to do it… I could have kept telling myself that and I’d still be walking round in circles. Instead, with the professional help of  Patricia Ezechie, I achieved instant results. Not only have I been able to retrieve all costs of my coaching sessions as a result of the work I’ve done with Patricia, but I’ve been able to increase my turnover, get my work-life balance back on track and secure new and exciting clients. Patricia has a gentle, calm and positive personality that makes anything seem possible. She has the patience to listen, but enough guts to challenge you to think differently and see new opportunities. She has the knack of bringing out the best in you, and help you achieving your goals. You’ll be kicking yourself for not having done this sooner! Do it!   

M Lundy Rekaa -  MLR PHOTO

Patricia worked with me during a very intense growth period of my business in October and November. We set goals together and worked out the priorities for the month and met or talked on a weekly basis with follow up emails from Patricia that neatly sorted out the plan of action and achievements - there were many! Patricia's empathy and warmth gave me a lot of courage to admit that I needed to be more mindful and respectful of my own needs while giving so much to everyone else. She is a wonderful accountability partner and following our successes in that one month, I have asked her to continue to work with me to keep this big wheel turning as 2016 is going to be a very intensive year professionally and personally. Patricia will help bring balance and flow to your life, no matter how many balls you juggle.


I would highly recommend Patricia, not only is she a great business coach, she is also a lovely person! My business was at a critical stage, as I was very new to business, I feel that if I did not seek Patrica's great and professional skills, I would  not have a business. She goes the extra mile, whenever help is required with tough decisions, she makes the time to give me her support and advice. We meet weekly and I look forward to it each week, as I know it will help me move forward with every session. I always feel so positive after our sessions and have a long to do list that will help me improve my business. Would highly recommend her not only for her coaching but for the person she is.



It had got to the stage where there was way too much on my plate and I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I was working 24/7 and not enjoying myself at all. I had known Patricia for a while and knew I should probably have a word with her but just didn’t have the time. It took a good friend to make me call Patricia and get an appointment.

The initial visit was me going through and listing all my commitments and ventures in detail and even I was shocked at how long the list was. So, over the next few months we worked our way through it - getting clarity on the priorities, understanding where my time and effort should best be spent to grow my business and actioning and completing all the objectives and tasks we identified.

And the result has been incredible. I now spend a lot less time, earning a lot more money. And I’m having fun again.

This was a truly transformative experience. I highly recommend Patricia.  Investing in Patricia’s services has paid for itself many, many times over already.


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