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It has never been a more important time to focus on

your resilience and wellbeing.

You are being challenged to navigate the unknown,

flex to meet the changing demands of work,

and manage a whole new way of living and being,

all in an environment of constant change and uncertainty.

To continue to do for and support family, friends, colleagues

 even strangers,

you need to first be there for yourself, 

 and by taking just a few minutes day  you can rebuild your inner reserves,

and better equip yourself to navigate any bumps or challenges 

that lay ahead.


You may be feeling stressed, depressed, overwhelmed or exhausted by everything that is happening, 

but rest assured you are not alone.

But you can fundamentally change how you are feeling, rebalance your body and mind and build up your resilience,

by just taking a few minutes a day to attend to you.

Making some time right now for yourself is not selfish...... 

it's a necessity,

so for the next 5 days focus on your wellbeing

and building your resilience 

by taking just a few minutes each day.

for YOU.


The five-day course has been designed to support you on your journey towards better mental health, balance, increased resilience, and wellbeing.


Each day

  •  You will receive a Rebalanced YOU 5 Days To Better Resilience and Wellbeing email containing a link to the day's content.

  • Using the tailored daily 10-minute resilience and wellbeing mindset  coaching meditation contained, take some time to focus completely on yourself to reconnect and rebalance. 

  • Each day ring-fence 10 - 20 minutes for yourself to do something that supports your health, wellbeing, joy, happiness, self-care and self-worth. It can be anything positive, and as small as you like, but has to be primarily for your benefit, and support and nourish you mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually.

  • At the end of each day, take 5 minutes to reflect on your day using the prompts provided.


That's it!

How to begin

The 5 Day Course is FREE.

Sign up below and everything you need for the course will be sent to your inbox.

If you would like some additional resources and support during your 5 days these are available at the 

 Creating the Career and Life Community

which is free to join.


Just a few minutes a day can transform how you think and feel about yourself and the current situation.

Take the free course and begin your journey to better mental health,

resilience and wellbeing


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