Rebalanced YOU



Taking the time to make yourself a priority is not selfish......

it's a necessity.

You spend all of your life, doing for others and

being there for others..... but what about you?


Where did you get the idea that you are being your best,

and doing your best by neglecting yourself, dismissing yourself,

or that making yourself an afterthought is a prerequisite for

taking care of everyone else?


If you want to be your best, do our best,  and be available for everyone else, then you need to do all of those things for yourself ... FIRST!

Whether you are feeling stressed, depressed, overwhelmed or exhausted,

feel you need a timeout, some space to catch up with yourself,

or just need some time to think, to be, or to rebalance, 

take it!


For the next 5 days I challenge you to give yourself permission

to take just a few minutes in your day

to focus on YOU.


Everyday for 5 days:

  • Click the link contained in your daily Rebalanced YOU 5 Day Challenge email to access your Daily Wellbeing Guide .

  • Using your daily tailored 10 minute wellbeing mindset and mindfulness  coaching meditations, take some time to focus completely on yourself, reconnect and rebalance. 

  • Commit 10 - 20 minutes to doing something that supports your health, wellbeing, joy, happiness, selfcare and self worth during that day - it can be as small as you like, the only condition is that it is something solely for your benefit, and supports and nourishes you - mentally, physically emotionally or spiritually.

  • At the end of each of day, take some time to reflect on how just taking a little bit of time for yourself in your day  has impacted you and your day.

  • Share your insights with the private facebook group (optional)

How to begin

The challenge is FREE.

To JOIN the 5 day challenge, sign up below and follow the instructions in the introductory email that will be sent to your inbox.

Then hop across to the Creating the Career and Life Community

and join there to get access to the additional resources and support

 for this program.


If you don't think you're worth your time why should anyone else!

See you in the challenge ❤

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