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My 1-2-1 Executive Career Coaching programmes are designed to work with you holistically and thoroughly - working with you in all the areas of your life to bring lasting and life enhancing change. 

Foundations to New Career - Career Transformation Programme

This Executive Career Coaching programme will help you move from complete confusion about your career and life, to complete clarity and the career and life you want.
Using collaborative, solutions focused, holistic and empathetic career and life coaching and wellbeing support, this programme has been designed to help you change your career, health and life, and transform your personal effectiveness,  resilience and relationships to create a healthier, happier more balanced successful future.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Developing Self Confidence

Is your lack of belief in yourself and your abilities impacting your career and your career progression?  Are you in or about to begin a Senior role but feel you don't belong, are about to be 'found out' or out of your depth? Is your lack of self confidence getting in the way of the impact you want to make in your role, organisation or life?
This Executive coaching programme has been designed to support you in developing sustained self-confidence and self belief, and find your authentic voice and leadership style so you can show up in your work and life with congruence, impact and as you.

Navigating Toxic Workplaces and Dealing with Discrimination

Are you a Senior Leader navigating a toxic or extremely challenging work environment or situation?

Are you a Senior Leader who is being unfairly treated or dealing with discrimination and need confidential, safe, external support?


This programme provides experienced, Executive Coaching to support you in working through your situation, overcoming the trauma of your experience, rebuilding your confidence, self esteem and self belief and exploring your options and next steps to get you and your career and life back to where you would like it to be.

Re-organise, Refocus and Reset -  Executive Coaching Programme

This programme is designed for those struggling with organisation and time management resulting in reduced performance, increased stress, and decreased personal and professional effectiveness. These issues are at a point where they are now negatively impacting your potential to progress in your organisation or career and your health and wellbeing.   
This Executive coaching programme will help you to honestly evaluate your career, work and life demands to assess how you are managing them and the impact this is having on your performance, life, relationships and health. Together we then re-organise, refocus and reset your career and life to ensure you achieve sustainable changes to improve your performance, and stress reduction, while creating better life balance for a happier, more fulfilled and effective life moving forward.

Stress Management and Building Personal and Professional Resilience

In an increasingly uncertain environment the demands being placed on you professionally (and sometimes also personally) are huge. This pressure can lead to stress which if unaddressed can have lasting and damaging consequences to you - mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

Is the work stress you are under beginning to negatively impact your health, wellbeing and relationships, and /or your performance at work?

This Executive Coaching programme is designed to help you reduce your stress and become and remain an effective, healthy, high performing leader, by working with you to understand your unique stress signature and energy drainers to develop strategies and tools to ensure you remain healthy and balanced and continue to perform at your best at a senior level. 


Bespoke Career and Life Coaching and Support 

Bespoke Executive Coaching and Leadership programmes and support are available if you feel your needs may not be met by one of the programmes or packages described. A Bespoke Programme, unique to you, your career, and your life and wellbeing needs, will be designed to meet your specific requirements.

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I  had a 6 month coaching course with Patricia and it has been fantastic. I primarily wanted a coach to help with making some career progression decisions, not only have I now got a new job and a promotion but also seeing Patricia helped with so many other areas of my life that I wasn't expecting - relationship, overall well being and work life balance and most importantly recognising the importance of making time to relax and rejuvenate.

I would highly recommend Patricia, she is a lovely person and an excellent coach."

K.L  / Head of Supply Chain / Fairtrade

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