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We are living in challenging times. The ever increasing demands and choices we have, the constant and rapid change we experience in our daily working lives, and the technological advances and capabilities of the 21st century, have brought with them an unprecedented increase in the levels of stress and anxiety we experience. 

Stress has been labelled the "Health Epidemic of the 21st Century" by the World Health Organisationand according the 2017 Labour Force Survey  from the Health and Safety Executive, 12.5 million working days were lost in 2016/2017 due to work related stress, depression or anxiety.
As shocking as these statistics are , the cost to the individual from unaddressed and persistent stress and anxiety is even higher and can be career limiting, damage long term physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing and destroy personal relationships. This increased stress and anxiety means that we are all facing moments of adversity and setbacks which can be minor (hiccups, dips, knocks, and wobbles), or major (dramatic life changing situations and challenges). 

How resilient are you?
How resilient is your team?

Are your team managing their stress?

In providing Stress Management, Wellbeing and Resilience Workshops to your organisation or business, you equip your workforce with the ability to withstand, deal with and recover from setbacks and challenges more quickly as they arise. By introducing them to the relevant skills, knowledge and techniques that enable them to remain more flexible and adaptable when faced with change, you equip them to manage their stress and build personal resilience, which supports them them in remaining healthy, productive and engaged.
These skills and knowledge will help them to learn how to become more present and aware of themselves, their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and how these impact their stress, health, wellbeing and performance. The more empowered, aware, clear and balanced the individual, the happier, healthier, more productive and focused they become, able to offer and participate more in the workplace and in their own lives.
I offer a number of programs including Stress Management, Resilience and Wellbeing  Workshops and Training to help teams and organisations better navigate the challenges of the modern day  workplace. The skills, knowledge and tools introduced in these workshops will help the members of your team or organisation deal with stress more effectively, build personal and professional resilience, and encourage cohesion and mutual support, leading to a happier, healthier, more committed workforce.
In addition to supporting your Employee Wellbeing and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, the benefits from the skills, tools and knowledge delivered through these workshops translates into dividends for your organisations, in terms of lower health care costs, higher productivity, lower absenteeism and decreased employee turnover.

The development and maintenance of stress management, resilience and wellbeing skills in your employees and within your organisation is essential to career longevity, employee engagement, talent retention, productivity and profitability.
Get in touch today to discuss your requirements today.

Patricia is a great coach and educator and obviously knows her subject matter well. Her energy and frankness are a magical combination that instantly engages and puts you at ease.

 She handled the subject skilfully, sharing her own experiences honestly, and I have easily incorporated the workshops insights and learning into my daily life as have many of my colleagues.  

I can highly recommend her to anyone looking to introduce stress management, wellbeing and resilience practices into their workplace.

She is knowledgeable and experienced and 

is passionate about the subject matter. Her teaching style and enthusiasm also makes implementing her simple, practical self-care strategies and interventions easy to incorporate into your daily life.

The benefits have been lasting and I felt them almost immediately .... so did my team!

I.B / Director / Media & Communications

Patricia did some stress awareness training for our London teams and it was really great. She covered all areas of the topic including: what is stress, how does it impact us, is there such thing as positive stress, and how can be manage it? She created a really good and engaging session and we've had lots of positive comments from the team. Thoroughly recommend Patricia to come into your organisation to talk about stress awareness.

Philippa Artus / Marketing Executive / Global Processing Services

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