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Patricia Ezechie Resilience an Wellbeing Coaching


We are living in one of the most challenging eras in our existence, and the ever-increasing demands, choices and capability of 21st century living has brought with it an exponential increase in the stress and anxiety we experience.

The increased stress and anxiety means we all face moments of adversity and setbacks which can be minor - hiccups, dips, knocks, and wobbles, or major  - dramatic life changing situations and challenges.

RESILIENCE AND WELLBEING Coaching helps you develop the ability to withstand, deal with and recover from these setbacks and challenges when they arise by introducing you to skills and techniques that will enhance your ability to remain flexible and adaptable when faced with change.  These resources will help you become more present and in tune with yourself, more connected to and aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and enable you to flourish and thrive. The benefit to you is that you become more effective, healthy, balanced and happy.
The development and maintenance of your resilience and wellbeing is essential for your career longevity and success, to attain and retain your optimal health, and to enable you to develop and support great relationships personally and professionally.

How resilient are you?

  • Are your career choices and career performance being affected negatively by the level of stress and anxiety in your life or your inability to manage your stress?

  • Is your stress and anxiety affecting your sleep and hence your performance?

  • Do you lack the energy, focus and motivation you require to meet the demands of your job?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your career or job?

  • Do you enjoy your work but feel the demands of your job are negatively impacting your physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing?

  • Do you want to remain at the 'top of your game' and require support to enhance and maintain your resilience and wellbeing to keep or make you more effective and successful at what you do?

  • Do you know deep down you are pushing 'too hard' but don't know how to stop, get more balance, or where to turn for the right support?

  • Are your relationships (personal and professional) suffering because of the unaddressed, persistent and sustained stress and anxiety you are under?

  • Are you looking for a Career Coach to help you achieve you career aspirations while also helping you develop your resilience and improve your wellbeing?

  • Are you ready to take responsibility for your health - physical, mental and emotional, develop your resilience skills, increase your wellbeing and build the healthier, happier more successful future you want?


Then you are in the right place.
You can improve your career, happiness, health, performance and relationships and build the life and lifestyle you want.  You just need the right support to help you get there. Get in touch with me today and take the first steps towards building a healthier, happier, more resilient and successful you.
Get in touch today to discuss your requirements today.

Patricia is a great coach and educator and obviously knows her subject matter well. Her energy and frankness are a magical combination that instantly engages and puts you at ease.

 She handled the subject skilfully, sharing her own experiences honestly, and I have easily incorporated the workshops insights and learning into my daily life as have many of my colleagues.  

I can highly recommend her to anyone looking to introduce stress management, wellbeing and resilience practices into their workplace.

She is knowledgeable and experienced and 

is passionate about the subject matter. Her teaching style and enthusiasm also makes implementing her simple, practical self-care strategies and interventions easy to incorporate into your daily life.

The benefits have been lasting and I felt them almost immediately .... so did my team!

I.B / Director / Media & Communications

Patricia did some stress awareness training for our London teams and it was really great. She covered all areas of the topic including: what is stress, how does it impact us, is there such thing as positive stress, and how can be manage it? She created a really good and engaging session and we've had lots of positive comments from the team. Thoroughly recommend Patricia to come into your organisation to talk about stress awareness.

Philippa Artus / Marketing Executive / Global Processing Services

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