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Executive Coaching  Bespoke Professional Development, Executive Coaching, Career Life Coaching and Resilience and Wellbeing Coaching support to help you to continue to thrive. ​  Available in person or virtually 

What I Offer


I provide collaborative, creative, holistic, executive and career life coaching support to help you achieve extraordinary results in your life and career.

Executive Coaching
Customised Professional Development, Executive Coaching, Career Life Coaching and Resilience and Wellbeing Coaching support to help you successfully navigate change in your career and organisation.

Career Coaching
Transformational Career Coaching support for mid to late career executives in a senior role facing challenges like:

  • Feeling isolated or lacking support in their leadership positions

  • Struggling to balance the demands of their careers with personal commitments

  • Experiencing burnout or feeling overwhelmed by constant pressure

  • Considering a career change or seeking to transition to a new role or industry

Career Transformation Programmes

Transformational Career Development, Career Management,  Career Change and Wellbeing Programmes that educate, inspire and empower professionals with the knowledge, insights, clarity, skills and support  to better navigate the challenges of the modern workplace,  develop personalised career strategies and have a career and life where they are thriving.

Corporate Coaching, Team Coaching & Group Facilitation

Customised Career Development, Career Progression,  Leadership, Resilience and Wellbeing  Coaching, Training and Programmes to support  and equip individuals, teams and organisation with the tools,  strategies and knowledge to grow, develop and successfully navigate change.


Specialist and focused personal and professional development days and weekends to share skills and knowledge, and provide space and time for participants to fully engage in their development goals for transformative results

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