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Patricia Ezechie Executive Coaching

As a Senior Professional, Senior Leader or C-Suite Executive you have unique demands placed upon you and your time. That doesn't mean your health, wellbeing, relationships and life balance are the price you have to pay for that success.
To meet the demands and deliver the results expected of you - by your organisation, business or team AND maintain your wellbeing - you need specialist Executive Coaching support.
To explore making changes to your career or how you work - you need specialist Executive Coaching support.

To continue to perform at your best, authentically and congruently, you need specialist Executive Coaching support.

This is what I provide.
As your trusted adviser, sounding board and accountability partner, competent and able to challenge your thinking and contribute strategically from a position of knowledge, this confidential, creative and holistic executive coaching support ensures you continue to deliver and thrive.

Your requirements are unique so let's build a solution that works for you.

" I wanted coaching as I had recently joined a new company for the first time in some time, the coaching was to help support that transition and set me up for success into the next progressive step of my senior career. I knew very early on during our introductory session that I wanted to be coached by Patricia, I instantly trusted Patricia which allowed us to explore the bigger areas from the outset. 


Firstly, Patricia takes client confidentiality and the establishment of clear structure for the sessions very seriously - seeing that this was a non-negotiable for Patricia upon reflection contributed to building trust quickly. Beyond this initial framework, I found Patricia to be incredibly warm, thoughtful, caring and challenging in appropriate measure - I am so glad that our paths crossed, I learned a lot more than I ever expected from our series of sessions. It was very clear from the outset that coaching is a passion of Patricia’, one which she holds herself to very high standards. Patricia quickly created a safe environment to explore and discuss all types of topics to help unpack and understand these, this created a number of ‘penny-drop’ moments which, through identifying these, really helped me progress through the thought process to agree actionable outcomes. Some of the best and most memorable moments involved branching off on apparent tangents, which I found Patricia to be an expert in particularly making the connections to help maximise these benefits, helping me identify areas which were previously not clear. 


Patricia would routinely ask me on each occasion what I would like to achieve during each session. I am confident  that in every one of our sessions that Patricia helped me identify an area which helped me firstly re-define and then navigate the short term objectives whilst balancing these with my longer term objectives. Patricia maintained great continuity throughout the various discussions excellently, we would often check back in on the impact of the agreed actions and learnings during subsequent sessions, with Patricia gently holding me to account. 


I would highly recommend anyone wishing to challenge their current position and thinking to meet Patricia, in summary you will be better off for it. I am confident that for anyone aiming to identify where they can add the most value and whilst considering which direction to take in the future, Patricia is an outstanding coach and will help transform or find that extra few percent. And apart from all of this, I found it a really enjoyable and highly valuable investment use of time. "

Senior Executive, Operations 

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