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Patricia Ezechie Executive Coaching

As a Leader you have unique demands placed upon you and your time.

To help you meet those demands, navigate change successfully, and continue to deliver the results expected by your organisation, business and team, you require specialist support. That is what I provide as an experienced Executive Coach, and t
he confidential, creative and holistic executive coaching support I offer will ensure you continue to deliver and thrive. 

Your requirements are unique so let's build a solution that works for you.

Clients Include:

I wanted coaching as I was going through a significant professional change, stepping down from an Executive position but remaining employed during an organisational structural change, and I had some significant professional and personal challenges to deal with as the transition to the “new me” took place. 

I really enjoyed working with you. You are a fantastic listener but also engaged in a level of supportive challenge in respect of the different situations I found myself in. It was so helpful to have this time to reflect and regroup in relation to my own resilience. 

I have achieved a strength to recognise my own resilience, ensure I have a level of control in relation to my future and to ensure that the professional and personal were dealt with appropriately and maturely to get the outcomes I wanted and needed. 

You are compassionate, challenging enough without the challenge feeling uncomfortable and structured in the sessions but allowed me to speak freely, and helped me through a significant change in my professional career retiring from an Executive role into the next stage of my career of self-employed work and an improved work life balance. Working with you helped me deal with the personal impacts and how this change feels,  ensuring that I stayed resilient and focused on what I needed as a professional and as a person. You have a lovely compassionate supportive motivational style and I would definitely recommend you. 

Thank you for your time and compassion."

A Murray, Chief Nurse, NHS 

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