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A more balanced life, genuine connected relationships, a successful job /career you love and where you are respected for who you are and what you contribute is possible - if you really want it. My job is to help you achieve that.


We spend over one third of our lives at work or in our businesses – too long I think you would agree to feel unfulfilled! That unhappiness and dissatisfaction ends up spilling over and polluting all the other areas of our lives, and our relationships, health, spirit and self-esteem end up as the casualties.

With over 60% of people saying they are unhappy in their jobs and given the choice many would do something else – something that better suits their strengths, purpose, interests and lifestyle, and almost half of the working population feeling overwhelmed by their workload and even more saying that work is causing them stress, YOU ARE NOT ALONE in feeling what you are feeling.

The difference is you are here today taking the first step towards building a career and future that will contribute to you having a happier, more balanced, fulfilled life.

My job is to help you identify what you truly want, help you become and stay connected to yourself, help YOU realise YOUR FULL POTENTIAL, and help you achieve the success you want by helping you to create the life you want.

The work we will do is deep, transformational and life affirming - unapologetically so - and is not for everyone. But everything we work on is designed to provide the strong foundation on which you continue to build as you move through your life. It's not about quick fixes and sticking plasters..... it's about helping you to find and connect with what you need to navigate your life with grace, confidence, purpose and happiness.

My commitment to you is to use my 27 years of experience gained in Corporate and Private enterprise and my wellbeing, resilience and personal  development knowledge, training and expertise to help you find clarity, direction, purpose and motivation to achieve your aspirations and to ultimately THRIVE.

We all have choices.

You can make the changes you want to make  -  change career, get a different job, reduce your stress, get better life balance, improve your relationships, become a better leader and create the life you want  - but it's not going to happen by itself.


It will take a little effort, perseverance and commitment and you have to take that first step, prioritise yourself and your needs and get the right coach, mentor, supporter and guide.

Working with me will help you bridge the gap between where you are today, and the healthier, happier, more successful future you want.

Book a consultation with me today and get the transformational coaching and mentoring support you need from an experienced, passionate Coach and Consultant. 


As your fully committed and invested partner and guide through your journey of change and transformation to a happier, healthier more successful future, I will be with you every step of the way, addressing all your career coaching questions and helping you to build the happy, healthy, successful, more balanced life you want...beginning today.            




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"I can save you the hours I invested in making sure I had the right coach (seriously, I contacted 20 and had hour-long consultations with 9!) by telling you that Patricia was, from beginning to end, absolutely brilliant.

She is my best investment to date - expect to be transformed!"

L.M , Executive, Innovation and Leadership 

Your future depends on what you do today.

Be courageous, take action and