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PATRICIA EZECHIE  Coaching & Consultancy



Let me ask you something. Do you feel like there's more to your career than just finding another job?  Like you have so much potential that's not being tapped into?

And what about happiness and fulfilment? 

Are you really living up to your full potential and enjoying what you do? 

Let's face it, life is too short to be stuck in a job that you don't enjoy, day in and day out. 



Together, we can explore what they are, what really excites you, what you're passionate about, and what kind of work would allow you to be happy, thriving, successful and your true self.

With so many diverse opportunities and possibilities in the world of work today, there's no reason to settle for anything less than a fulfilling and rewarding career.

So let's find the answers to those tough questions and unlock your full potential - because you deserve it.

You have more choices than you think, more opportunities than you know, and even more possibilities than you can imagine!

All you need to do is step into them.

- Patricia Ezechie

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"I pursued coaching because I felt as that I was at a crossroads in life. I recently completed a PhD and, after a challenging year pursuing work in the sector without much success, I began to wonder if academia was the right place for me. Then I had an unfortunate experience at my place of work that I believed to be related to my race and gender, so I decided to resign and take some time to consider my options. I felt that working with a coach would help me to think through my next steps and develop a plan to be 'an academic' on my terms. 


 I wanted to work with a woman of color, specifically a black woman of African descent, who would be able to understand and relate to my lived experiences. But ultimately, I chose to work with you because of  the way you described how you work with clients -- on career life coaching, resilience, and well-being --really resonated with me. I wanted a holistic approach and that's exactly what I got! 


Working with you has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. In addition to helping me to develop a plan of action to pursue my research and creative practice independent of an academic institution, you also helped me to reframe my decision to leave academy, not as a failure, but as a choice I've made for myself. You also helped me to explore how my culture, family history, and personal life informs my professional / career choices. I was able to take stock of my accomplishments. I came away with a new sense of pride in my ideas and my work. You also inspired me to develop a website, so I can share my work publicly and perhaps gain future opportunities. 

Using the exercises I was able to visualize a different life for myself. You helped me to see how I could apply my academic knowledge to work in a more creative way. I've now applied for and have been offered a curatorial role that will enable me to  develop a variety of learning-related programs in collaboration with artist, activists, and other organizations. I'm also working on developing my own creative practice. I've since taken a photography course and am using the medium in my research, writing, and performances. 

You are a kind, inspiring, and empowering woman who helped me to navigate an incredibly challenging period in my life. It was difficult work, but I'm forever grateful. And I've already recommended you to a friend and a friend of a friend! "

Dr N.Swaby / Curator, Academic, Writer, Creative

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