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Push the Button!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

How to get motivated - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

As you all know by now I have been working on a big project and last week after many, many months of work it was finally ready to be launched. So when the moment finally arrived last Monday morning my first thought was "Today is the day" ....HOORAY) swiftly followed by "What if people don’t like it….. what will people say”….(TERROR)… then I started to laugh.

There they were again…. those ‘people’ who have nothing to do all day but sit and wait to judge my every action. It’s all they do, sit there all day long, waiting for me to do something, anything, nothing and their job is to disapprove, judge, undermine, criticise and stifle any attempt I make to do or try something different. The larger the endeavour and higher the stakes the louder they become.

So what were my options?

1. Listen to the ‘judges’ and leave the project right there…… after all the months and months of work, research, moments of inspiration and creativity AND it’s fair to say moments of frustration, annoyance and loads of false starts…


2. PUSH THE BUTTON and launch?

Well you all know what I did because you all saw the emails and immediately signed up for my free webinar ☺….

I pushed the button.

And do you know something... the world did not end. All I was met with was love, support and encouragement.

And that’s the essence of today’s blog.

Most of the people you know and ALL of the people you love and who really love you only want the best for you. The ‘judges’, ‘voices’, ‘inner critics’ call them whatever you like also want the best for you too - I know that’s hard to believe. They want to keep you safe and unharmed and depending on your life experiences they have varying degrees of power and control on your actions. They can often be harsh and cruel and sometimes childlike but at their very core they want to protect us. It will take several blogs to explore the ‘Judges’ with you so we have to come back to them another day. For today let’s just focus on what to do the next time you hear that voice.

You can do one of two things….

Do nothing


Take a breath and PUSH THE BUTTON.

Let me know what happens when you do 😊.

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