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How did you get on?

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

How did you get on with the career quiz - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

So how did you get on?

Were you able to easily identify what you want for your career in 2023?

When you asked yourself the question, pen poised over paper, did your deepest desires spill out onto the paper unconstrained?

Or did you struggle?

Struggle to identify what you want, because you don’t know what you want,


Struggle because you were so busy getting in your own way,

you dismissed every thought or snippet of inspiration your deepest self offered you?

Which was it?

If you were able to easily identify what you want, then ask yourself this question:

How am I going to get it?

If you struggled to answer the question because of either of the two reasons I suggested, don’t worry as I suspect you are in the majority!

Just go back and ask yourself the first question again:

What do I want from my career in 2023?

but this time treat this as a brain dump exercise.

Write down everything that comes onto your head, no matter what it is, without judgment, censure or criticism.

Ask yourself the same question again and again and again, and each time your mind throws something up, just write it down.

Without judgment, censure or criticism - that bit is critical.

If you are struggling to do any of the above, EMAIL ME and tell me why.

Then it’s out there.

And you are more likely to figure out what the problem is.

Because it’s there, right in front of you,

and your brain can’t help but try to figure it out as you type that email to me…..

because that’s what your brain is designed to do.

Solve problems.

I won’t respond unless you want me to.

But it will be out there, instead of locked in your head going round and round.

And you will have a benign witness to your thoughts - ME,

who will happily ask you a couple more questions to help you unpick it all if you want.

Most importantly, keep trying.

Don’t give up.

We can deal with objections, judgement and criticism tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday.

Patricia x

P.S. I very much enjoyed reading and responding to your emails yesterday so keep the coming!

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