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Radical Honesty

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Radical Honesty - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

I mentioned Radical Honesty in last week’s blog as being a key component of becoming a Creator (read here if you missed it). It is s a phrase I coined in the work I do, and which you will learn more about as we work more together. Radical Honesty is about not hiding behind the stories we tell ourselves. Because we all tell ourselves stories. Sometimes consciously, but more usually, unconsciously. And we do that for a number reasons, but mostly in the misguided belief we are keeping ourselves safe, supporting or protecting ourselves. So, we tell ourselves more stories. Stories that are sometimes based in truth and fact (as we see the world). Stories that are out of date and that no longer serve us. Stories that are so present for us and we are so deeply embedded in, we are no longer able to separate ourselves from them, or look at them objectively, so we can find a way to create new more empowering, positive one’s that will take us to where we want to be instead of to remaining stuck where we are. Radical Honesty is when we call ourselves out when this is happening. We call “bullshit” on ourselves. We don't allow ourselves to make excuses. Instead we unpick them - the stories and excuses - till we understand the foundation to them. We are honest with ourselves about our fear. We are honest with ourselves about our concerns. We are honest with ourselves about our true motivations. We are honest with ourselves about the action we are (or are not) taking. We are honest with ourselves about our willingness (or lack of) to do what we want to do or what we think we need to do, to get what we want in our careers. We admit to ourselves…..

“It's not because anybody else is doing this to me.” “I am doing this to me.”

Then we can start to unpack why, so you can move forward. That is Radical Honesty. It’s not about blaming yourself. It is about being able to see a situation for what it is and taking ownership for your part in it. So my question to each of you this week is to think about yourself and the situation you find yourselves in in your career. If you were to be radically honest with yourself

“Why is that?” “Why are you in situation you’re in?

Put your radical honesty hat on. Ask yourself the question. Look out for the stories. Email me and let me know how you get on.

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