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3 Power Questions that will Transform Your Career

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

3 Power questions to transform you career - Patrica Ezechie Coaching

These 3 simple power questions will help you get out of any stuck or unhappy situation in your career, and transform your career. They are part of the Proactive Empowered Careers® Model I created and have helped hundreds of people to transform their careers and lives, so I wanted to share them with you today. So, leading on from our discussions last week about feeling blocked (or stuck) in your career, if that is where you find yourself, ask yourself the following: 1. Am I being a Victim or a Creator?

This one will require ‘radical honesty’ on your part.

Are you stuck in ‘poor me’, where every terrible thing that is happening to you in your career is because of someone else’s actions or behaviours, and worse still you are waiting for someone else to get you out of your situation?

The thing is no one is coming to rescue you.

Becoming a Creator is about putting your considerable powers and energy towards solving for your situation and not wallowing in it.

This does not for one minute negate or dismiss the trauma and unhappiness that can come from being in a toxic inequitable work environment, with unsupportive colleagues, poor leadership and management.


Being a Creator is about taking your control back, and with the right support, working through all of that trauma, toxicity, negativity and more, rediscovering you and your confidence, then finding your way to a career or job where you can fly!

So, which one are you right now? Victim or Creator?

Ask yourself the question without judgement, and with ‘radical honesty’.

What did you find?

2. Am I focusing on what I can control?

This one speaks for itself.

If all your time and energy is focused on the things you are worried about and yet have no control over, the most probable outcome is that you will become even more negative and even more stuck.

Guess what focusing on what you can control will do? Yep you got you come up with solutions, take positive action, and with each baby step you take, become ever more confident and empowered to do more, and so achieve more.

So, where is your focus?

Is it generating negative energy and taking you further away from what you want? Or fuelling you with positive energy and action to take you closer to what you want?

3. Am I taking responsibility for my choices?

Every role you take and every job you have involves a choice you made.

You have chosen to or agreed to a job – otherwise you would not be there.

You have chosen to do that work because there's something in it for you…... security, regular salary, kudos, it’s close to home, it’s easy, flexibility, you name it…… there is a payoff somewhere.

In making your choice you have prioritized those positives over the potential negative of that job/ or career.

So own your choice.

Owning your choice (without judgement) will liberate you.

It removes the victimhood of being in the situation you're in, and helps you step into Creator mode so you can start solving for what you want.

Once you start solving for what you want, you begin to focus on the things you have control over as opposed to things you can do nothing about.

And once you start doing that, you begin the journey towards making the positive changes you want to your career and life.

These three simple questions are three of the most powerfully transforming questions to shift you out of inertia and confusion into moving towards clarity.

So here are they are again.....

1. Am I being a Victim or a Creator?

2. Am I focusing on what I can control?

3. Am I taking responsibility for my choices?

If you're in a situation where your career is not working or you feel stuck, grab a paper and pen, ask yourself these three questions and see what you find. If you want to go even deeper with more support, take the Free Course HERE. And, whether you answer the 3 questions or do the free course, email me and let me know how you got on, or if you have any questions.

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