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Have no regrets.

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Have absolutely no regrets - Patricia Ezechie

12 months from now what will you regret not doing?

Heck one month from now what will you regret?

I think it was Margaret Attwood that said “Regret is the only wound the heart never recovers from” ….but don’t quote me.

So don’t regret.

You all know what I do.

I help women who have come to a crossroads in their careers and lives to create the career they want for the life they want™.

Careers and lives where they thrive personally and professionally,

as well as succeed.


Because you can do both.

Anyone that tells you otherwise is just propagating the myth that you don’t have choice or agency, or the focus, strength, and ability to get want you want.

You do.

Maybe like many of the women I work with, you have no idea about what you really want.

Or have lost sight of just how capable you are.

Or you never learned to really trust and believe in yourself.

Or you have forgotten how much value you bring and the contribution you make because you have been waiting for external validation that never came.

Or it has been drained out of you by negativity and toxicity… places, people….etc...

Or worst of all you just don’t believe you deserve it.

Well, today I want you to really look around you.

Tune in,

be aware,

and notice.

Recognise you are as deserving as anyone else… no more or less.

There is evidence everywhere to remind you.

You just have to tune in,

be aware,


You have choice, agency and power.

You decide whether to wield it or not.

Today is as good a day as any to begin that journey towards clarity.

And to start all you need to do is think about what you really want.

Think about what you really want for your career and life.

Start your list.

Write everything down.

Everything and anything that comes to mind.

Stay with it, and I promise you,

Non... rien de rien...

one month from now you will be on your way.

12 months from now you will have no regrets.

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