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Acute post-Christmas Depression Syndrome.... yes there is a name for it!

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

New Year Blues - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

Every Friday in the Creating the Career You Want Community Facebook group we celebrate Feel good Friday. This is an opportunity we have, every week, to take a moment to remind ourselves of at least one thing we have achieved in the past week, something we can feel good or positive about, or to acknowledge something we have achieved. It is a way to consciously recognise our effort and progress, celebrate our successes and stay motivated to work on our different projects and development objectives.

But as I was planning my day this morning and checking in with how I was feeling it, occurred to me that I may not be alone in “not feeling good”, and that even though I had achieved something this week, that maybe (like me) you may still be struggling with your mood, and no matter how hard you try, and despite anything I might post urging you to engage with our Friday ritual, “feeling good” may be the furthest thing from where you are.

So I just wanted to write this quick post to say – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Not only is the weather gloomy, many are still dealing with the ‘Holiday Hangover’ of large credit card bills with no payday in sight, are acutely aware of how uncomfortably tight clothes feel, and in some instances, are back in a horrendous job desperate to escape as soon as is physically possible. Professor Cary Cooper of the University of Lancaster has actually calls a version of January Blues Acute post-bank holiday depression syndrome, but maybe Acute post-Christmas Depression Syndrome is more appropriate as we are well past the Bank Holiday!

So what do you do if you have tried everything you know to help make yourself feel better?

So far today I have completed my yoga and meditation practice, had a soak in the bath, washed my hair, changed the bed sheets, given myself a pedicure, answered all my emails and started this blog and I am still feeling not feeling 100%!

What do you do?


Reach out to someone who will listen without judgement, someone who will communicate with you openly without colluding or compounding your mood, and someone who will remind you that this too will pass and you are not alone. And you never know you might just begin to feel a little better! The universe may also reward you for your courage by providing an unexpected lift. For me, the lift came in an unexpected message received while writing this, thanking me for the inspiration to have an awesome week where they mapped out their business plans for the coming year! Maybe the January Blues are beginning to shift already!

But just in case they are not and you could do with some help to navigate the next couple of weeks, download my free Rebalanced you 5 day Wellbeing Reset and join us on at the Creating the Career You Want Facebook Page for some extra support to help you navigate through the next few weeks.

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