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Time to raise your glasses?

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Time to Raise Your Glasses - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

Christmas …YAY! Thank goodness that’s it for another year. Seriously! So if like me you are feeling a little bunged up and sluggish, even after being circumspect and judicious in your food choices…. (ok that’s a lie, I have been neither and am already paying the price) …... or you are hungover, irritable or so over it…..YOU ARE NOT ALONE - but all is not lost.

It's time to raise your glasses but this time with just water! Just drink a couple of extra glasses of water today and get out of the house for a walk (on your own if you can) … just for a few minutes. It made all the difference to me and it may help you. Bah Humbug! Patricia x DON'T FORGET - REBALANCED YOU - 30 Day Wellbeing Reset begins on the 2nd

January. JOIN here

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