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27 is not so long ago - lament for Breonna Taylor

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Thoughts and sadness about Breonna Taylor - Patricoa Ezechie Coaching

27 is not so long ago that I can’t remember it.

I had just completed a Masters in Operational Research.

I had a job that was a good place to continue to build my knowledge, skills and experience.

I partied hard with my friends – that’s what you do at 27.

I was in love a lot, after all you have to kiss a lot of frogs right?

That’s what you do at 27.

I had aspirations for the future,

I was bright and capable so why not?

Why do all that work, study so hard and not want to do your best, be your best – after all I was only 27.

I already knew I had to be better, be twice as good, work harder – I had been to enough interviews and seen the grey male faces freeze as I walked into the room.

I was only 27 but I knew the score.

But I fought on, I tried harder, I was better, I swallowed the hurt, I used the pain, I learned to celebrate my own successes as no one else ever did.

Breonna Taylor will never be 27.

She will never even get the chance to work harder, be better, or twice as good.

She will never be a wife or mother.

She will never get to fulfil her potential or live her purpose.

She will never get the chance to make the difference she was meant to make in the is world. RIP Breonna I pray you finally get justice ❤️

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