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Brian Cox, Stress and the end of the Universe

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

On Brian Cox, Stress and the Universe - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

I love Professor Brian Cox.

Not in the way that a really good friend of mine loves him (she thinks he's gorgeous), he doesn't really rock my world that way.

I love his brain and I love the way he makes the science of the universe so accessible to everybody.

I walk the beach every day - as you will know if you read these blogs regularly - and on this particular morning, the sea was just lapping in gently. It was so calm it was almost like a sheet of glass… and it put me in mind of Brian Cox talking about the end of the universe.

He said (and I'm paraphrasing here) the universe would end in a sea of photons, permanent, unchanging, with nothing happening .... forever.

And as I was watching the waves gently lapping along the beach I just thought, gosh, this is what it will be like at the end of the universe,

a sea of photons….

and none of us will be there to see it.

Then my mind went to (as it so often does) the enormity of the world,

and the enormity of the universe,

and keeping things in perspective.

No matter what we do in our lives and today,

eventually everything is going to come to an end.

Everything is going to come to an end.

So all that building,

and striving,

and fighting,

and grabbing,

and doing.......

is all going to end in a sea of photons,

permanent, unchanging, with nothing happening .... forever.

This translates into something really powerful and useful for me because when I am worrying and stressing and scared about all the things that aren't quite right,

and all the things I cannot control, I have found that actually taking my mind to the gentle lapping of the sea and reminding myself that it's all going to end one day in a sea of photons, eons and eons after I have become dust, helps me keep things in perspective.

Thinking this way doesn't stop be moving forward, but it does help me focus on the things I can control and more easily let go of the things that I don't.

I hope that's not too maudlin for all of you today and hope you can find your sea of photons metaphor to help you retain and maintain perspective, especially when you feel you are spiralling down into that maelstrom of stress, worry, overwhelm, concern and fear.

Remember Brian Cox , stress and the end of the universe..... and breathe.

Have a great day.

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