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Feel Good Friday

Updated: Jan 8

#FeelGoodFriday Ritual - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

At the end of every week I have a Feel Good Friday ritual.

I developed it because I was always looking forward to the next thing I had to do, paying little or no attention to everything I had done and achieved or even pausing to celebrate the successes (of which there was always at least one)!

So I'm sharing this with you today to encourage you at the end of your week, to stop for just a few minutes, and acknowledge everything you managed to accomplish.

There is always something....even the smallest of things.

The feel good friday ritual only takes a few minutes, is simple, and pays huge emotional dividends.

To begin, take a breath (and make it full and deep).

And another.

And another.

And as you breathe, take your mind back to the beginning of your week.

With each breath you take, slowly begin to review your week.

Think about everything.

All the highs, not so highs and everything in between.

If you set on an intention, or had a plan for the week, how did you do?

If you didn't, how did you do?

Now think of at least one thing you have achieved this week.

It can be a single thing.

Keep looking till you find one... I promise you it's there!

When you've found it, take a moment to bring it to mind.

All of it.

Everything you did and the result you got.

Allow the feeling of achievement to flow through you.

Now give yourself a pat on the back.

You did great.

You deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged.

And you are doing that for yourself now.

From this positive mental space, is here anything else you could have done or need to do, to help you to get/keep motivated and moving forward,

or if you are really stuck, help you get started?

What is it?

Name it and say it out loud.

What support do you need to achieve this?

What can you do TODAY to put that support in place or set it in motion?

Now you know what it is.... DO IT!

Set it in motion.

Well done on what you have achieved this week, and for setting up the next one to move you closer to where you want to be.

Have a fantastic Feel Good Friday. x

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