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Career lessons from a 70's Classic

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Career Lessons from a 70s classic - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

I woke up this morning with a tune in my head.

It’s been around for a couple of days now but as it’s cheery hasn’t been too irritating. It is also a little ironic given the weather here today.

The song is the Johnny Nash classic “I can see clearly now the rain is gone”.

As I woke up singing it to myself this morning it occurred to me that in his delight that it was going to be a sunshiny day, Johnny forgot to tell us about the crucial step between the rain, seeing the obstacles, and the resulting sunshiny day.

He didn’t tell us how crucial those obstacles are.

He didn’t tell us that the obstacles are where we hone our character, self-belief and capability.

He didn’t tell us that the obstacles allow us to develop tenacity and resilience.

He didn’t tell us that although the obstacles can cause us to stop, stumble or falter….

these stumbles are just temporary.

Because they are.

There is always a way.

We can go around, over, under, or sometimes smash right through those obstacles.

It’s not always pretty and is often painful but there is always a way through.

And in that sometimes painful and often challenging journey lies the real gift.


In the learning and knowledge we acquire as we make our way through those obstacles, we become clearer about who we are, what we want, and what is important to us.

The dark clouds do indeed lift and we see the rainbow Johnny was praying for, and yes it is that bright, bright, bright sun shiny day....

A career you love.

A life where you thrive.

Living authentically.

A clear sense of your relevance and power.

A healthy, happy, balanced you.

In fairness to Johnny, i'm sure his song was never intended to be about career lessons, and in a song under 3 minutes there is only so much you can talk about while keeping it upbeat, cheery and memorable, and he did a pretty amazing job.

So as you move through this very grey day (well it is here), remember those obstacles are the gifts.

You just have to stay with it and more importantly know how to get past them to the rainbow.

And that’s what we do here in the Creating the Career and Life Community.

I would love to know your thoughts about this blog.

What song is running around your head today?

Leave your comments below, follow me on INSTAGRAM or join the conversation in the Creating the Career and Life Community.

Over to you Johnny!

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