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Is fear stopping you from making a change to your career?

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Is fear stopping you from making changes to your career - Patricia Ezechie

I recently ran a survey in my Facebook community and what was absolutely brilliant about the responses (over 300 of them) was that everything raised as the reasons why people felt stuck in their careers:

  • the things you felt were getting in the way of you succeeding,

  • the things you would change in your careers if you could, but felt you couldn’t,

  • and the support you all felt you needed and were not getting anywhere else,

are already contained within the Creating the Career You Want Programme .

But what was really interesting was the common theme the vast majority of survey results had.

Can you guess what it was?


The fear of making a change, taking a step, taking an action and getting it wrong! I was so pleased to see this come up so frequently because we spend a lot of time in the Creating the Career You Want Program working through all the things that are feeding these fears:

  • the self-beliefs that are unhelpful and often untrue,

  • the mindsets that are out of date,

  • the scripts and messages that you are carrying that were never really yours,

  • the idea is that somehow staying were you are,

    • as unhappy as it makes you,

    • as sick as it makes you,

    • as soul destroying as it might be to you,

    • as confidence and self-esteem decimating as is it is,

    • as safe (?) as you think it is,

is somehow better than making a decision, taking that step, and making a change!

The good news is

Fear is absolutely normal!

So you are not alone or somehow damaged for feeling this way.

We all feel fear when it comes to change ....we would not have survived as human beings without it.

  • It is normal to fearful of the unknown.

  • It is normal to be fearful of what you might lose.

  • It is also normal to be fearful that you might get it wrong if you lack real clarity.

But the work we do in the programme will remind you of all that you are, all that you can do, all the options you have, and how to exploit the opportunities that you don’t even know exist for you. Then I train and coach and support you through a PROVEN step-by-step framework that ensures that if and when you decide to make a change to your career you have thought through everything, and you are absolutely confident in yourself, your knowledge and self-belief and have the expert support you need, to take that step, make that change and transform your career. So, my friends, relax, because everything you need to make those changes to your career is within the Creating the Career You Want Programme. I can’t wait to start working with you all in this unique and transformational programme and am even more excited for each of you for the phenomenal careers awaiting you.

Patricia x

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