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Perfectionism, Procrastination and Pessimism

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Perfectionism Procrastination and pessimism - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

I’ve just realised I haven’t spoken to you all in a couple of weeks.

Then I realised I was stuck in one of my 3 P’s:


Procrastination and Pessimism.

If I’m being truly honest it is more like two of them.

I have been trying to think of the next best blog and email to write to you all,

and as ever I have constructed many in my mind,

and even more as I walk every day,

but as I have been vacillating in perfectionism,

it has led me to procrastinate.

The result…. nadda…. nothing…. no email to any of you…. no blog post.

Classic self-sabotage!

Once I realised I was back in the 3P's - perfectionism, procrastination, and pessimism (it’s been a while since I last was),

I just sat down and started to write about it as this is something I’m sure you all know about, and maybe stuck in right now as well - for whatever reason.

Is there an action you need to take for your career,

big or small,

that you have been waiting for the perfect moment,

the perfect configuration,

the perfect alignment of circumstances,

hell the perfect anything before you take it?

Have you been procrastinating it because you keep telling yourself you're not ready,

because it’s not the perfect time,

you’re not perfect yet,

you just need to do a little more to get it absolutely right,

so end up doing NOTHING?

Have begun to feel a little low,

because you have been waiting so long to be perfect,

been convincing yourself incessantly as to why the time is not quite right,

so you put the action off,

and put it off again

and again,

so much so you have entered deeply into the 3rd P….


Well my friend take a breath and here it comes…

We don’t have to have everything right before we start.

I had forgotten that these last few weeks!

I moved out of my vortex of 3 P’s by just sitting down,

getting out of my own way and typing what was in my head and my heart.

Is it perfect, no.

Does it have to be, no.

Is it real, true and honest – yes!

Is it of value, absolutely!

Do I feel better? Hell Yes!

Sometimes we don’t know how to be ready until we actually start.

Sometimes / often times we learn as we do.

So, if like me you have been stuck in any of the 3 P’s,

Just step out of the vortex,

by taking an action.

It might feel uncomfortable and even be a little scary,

But what’s that can happen…..

Have a great day.

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