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Eating the Elephant

Updated: Jan 11

How manage your time and get things done - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

I had a moment yesterday when it all just seemed too much. I looked at my project plan, I looked at my to do list and I looked at my calendar and that was it – I was done!

What was I thinking?

Who the hell did I think I was that I could do this?

It was impossible!

I was totally overwhelmed by the perceived enormity of what I had to get through in the next few weeks and yes I know it was Sunday but we’ll get to that later.

For some context - I am coming to the end of a huge project I have been working on for some time – my first online career coaching programme - my current elephant.

My beautiful sleek grey elephant was huge, but I have eaten a few in my time so knew that the only way to eat it was …… yes you’ve got it… a bite at a time 😊!

So over the last year I have cut lady like, bite sized chunks from my elephant and nibbled away, enjoying each morsel and making steady progress. Did I mention my elephant is chocolate? No animals have been harmed in this process!

Anyway back to my analogy.

Periodically over the last year I have been a bit greedy and cut off chunks that were a little too large and the resulting indigestion and heartburn has been unpleasant and left a lingering after taste, but after a few weeks my appetite has always returned.

This last week I cut off a whole leg and by Sunday I was gagging! I WAS OVERWHELMED!

I had broken my own golden rules -

To take regular breaks,

To always have at least one day work free, and

To just focus on the next thing I have to do.

And the result – one jabbering wreck sitting at her laptop head in hands on a Sunday evening.

But it’s Monday morning now (and a beautiful one at that), I am back, and the nausea has subsided I am glad to report. I took my fastest acting antacid (a long chat with my partner, a soak in the bath and something suitably mind numbing to watch on TV), and that, followed by a good nights sleep, and a review and restructure of my plan and to do list first thing this morning, has me ready for my next bite!

If you are still with me thank you for bearing with the analogy and my question for you today is:

What is your current elephant and how are managing?

When you look at your current elephant what can you do to keep it looking appetising?

Overwhelm happens to even the best of us - look at me – I do this for a living and still got caught out - so here are 5 tips that will help you this week if you have a large task looming:


Cut that task into bite size pieces that are manageable


Put your chunks in a logical order AND in your calendar


Taking ONE chunk at a time, list the tasks you need to complete in that ONE chunk

4. DO IT

Complete the tasks on the list ONE at a time and the lists ONE at a time


If another connected task or idea not part of the original scope crops up, make a note of it and put it to one side. It’s been noted and captured so you can forget about it for the moment and address it at a later date.

That’s it for today.

Keep an eye out for more details of my online career coaching and development programme (coming in October 2017), and if you haven’t already, get over to my private Facebook group CREATING THE CAREER YOU WANT and JOIN US.

It’s Motivation Monday – time to set an intention for your week. If you really want to get it done – and it could be anything; share it with the group, get some support and motivation and move one step closer to where you want to be.

And remember when it come to eating the elephant, small dainty chunks are best!

Have a glorious week.

© Patricia Ezechie Coaching and Consultancy 2017. All Rights Reserved.

If you are interested in a more empowered approach to your career and career development or want to change career you can find more information at the Creating the Career You Want Programme or Breakthrough Programme

© Patricia Ezechie Coaching 2017

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