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Pause, breathe, ponder, choose, do.

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Tips to help you slow down to move forward successfully - Patricia Ezechie Coaching


Sometimes that is all we need to do.

But oh how we resist it!

When meditating this morning my focus was drawn not to the flow of my breath but the pauses between the breaths..... that space..... the suspension.

The point where there is nothing - just for a millisecond or two, before the breath once again turns.

If you’ve never really observed it - do…. it is the weirdest thing.

Even though it’s the briefest of moments, time there has an almost infinite quality.

The pause is full of possibilities.

In those pauses I was reminded once again that we get as much, and sometimes more, from not doing as we do from taking action. In the unseemly haste to always be doing we often miss the subtle wisdom and insights that would naturally float to the surface if we just allowed them.

If we paused.

The focus of so many things these days is to

Take action!

Be on it!

Do …Do ….do.

Of course we need to act and do, otherwise how would we make progress?

But how would it be, if before we all leapt in and got busy with the doing, we just took some time, stopped, paused to really understand what was going on, and then from that space took the next step…

if we just observed and allowed the pauses…

if we surrendered to the pauses.

When I was recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome – I had to observe the pause – for years!

When I decided to change my career and life as a result…. I had to observe the pause.

I had no idea where I was going, I had no idea how it would work out, but I soon realised that the only way I could figure out the answers to these questions was to stop, and take the time to firstly acknowledge and understand how I had gotten here, before I could even begin to understand what I really wanted and how I was going to get there.

The challenges of 2020 were a pause.

You wanting to change your career or your life is a good place to take a pause.

2021 is pregnant with possibilities and insights if we just allow the time and space for them to be known.

Observe the pauses in your day today.

Don’t be in such haste to take action and do.

Pause, breathe, ponder, then choose, then do.

You may learn something that will transform your life or just help you to take the next step with more confidence and clarity if you do.

If 2021 is the year you have decided to on creating more space and time for yourself and on your resilience and wellbeing, then you can find everything you need to get you started on that path right here.

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