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This ONE mindset shift will transform your career!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

How a simple mindset shift can change your career

There are a number of laments I here all too often while coaching clients who feel stuck in their careers. Laments like:

“My line manager is not developing me” or “No one is doing anything to encourage me” or “I’m not being given any opportunities to develop”


"My manager thinks I should ....... but i'm not sure?"

and I’m still floored everything time I hear them, but I understand how these beliefs have taken root.

And it happened something like this…..

Businesses and organisations want to succeed.

Success for them is: to be profitable, to remain competitive, to grow and /or to provide the best or most efficient service. An organisations/businesses biggest corporate asset is it’s people..... well that's what they keep telling us.

And as the biggest corporate asset, you are the priority (of course?), and you are developed, nurtured and retained… right?...... after all you are the biggest corporate asset? And the responsibility for that nurturing and development, and sometimes the retaining, is the organisations (because you are the biggest corporate asset!) But that responsibility,

more specifically

and in reality

falls to......... – your manager.

And that my friends is where it all goes wrong!


And this is why.

Most line manager's responsibilities typically include:

  • managing upwards,

  • day-to-day people management,

  • managing costs of some form or other,

  • providing technical expertise,

  • allocating work and rotas,

  • monitoring work and checking quality,

  • dealing with customers/clients,

  • measuring performance

  • …… and oh yes developing you!!

Do you see the problem?

Even given the most people focused,

team orientated,

committed manager,

how much time, thought and effort can they realistically invest in you given their other responsibilities?

More importantly

"Should your personal and professional development really be down to the organisation you work for or the manager you report to?"

Are you so confident that your organization's vision,

and your personal aspirations,

are so aligned,

that you are happy to hand over the responsibility for,

decisions about,

and direction of your future to them?

Moreover, is it reasonable or prudent to expect any organisation / line manager or anyone else to have complete clarity on

1. Where your true interests and aspirations lie,

and given that

2. Be able to match them to the perfect job,

that uses and develops all your talents

and fulfils all your personal and professional development needs,

while keeping you





and of course healthy and happy?

Err NO!

I think not!

Please don’t think I am vilifying line mangers or organisations.

I’m not.

This is not about line managers or organisations.


There are some great line managers and organisations out there doing some great work in supporting their people,

and this can work well some of the time,

when you are all pulling in the same direction,

and have the same vision,

the same values,

have mutual trust and respect,

are treated fairly and equally

and rewarded appropriately…….

(even as I write this I am trying to remain impartial… but REALLY????

- Is that ever truly the case long term?)

The bottom line in every case,

great organisation or not,

great line manager or not,


Your career,

Your life,

Your responsibility.


Don’t give that control or power to anyone else.

If you need development, develop yourself.

If you need new skills, go out there and get them.

If you become stuck or find yourself blocked, get the support, strategies and coaching support to get you unblocked, clear, succeeding and thriving.

Truly recognising and updating your mindset to embrace this paradigm shift, and having the skills and strategies to do this effectively, is the game changer that will help you will transform your career and your life. If you don't how or where to begin to do this, the

will guide you step by step all the way to the career you want, the way you want it!

Click here and leave your details to be the first to know when the programme reopens.

Now is the time to create the career you want for a life where you thrive.

And I’m going to help you get there!

Patricia x

Find more free resources to support you in your career change journey here

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