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What if I can't do anything else?

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Tips on how to overcome the fear of career change - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

This is a question I hear really often, and something you may be asking too. And it’s always the wrong question, because a career is very rarely completely broken. It can always be tweaked or changed. The tweaks can be minor so you get a better fit where you are. Or major if it’s time for wholesale change. Either way you have the power to make those changes with the right knowledge and clarity, self belief and confidence, and that's what we are doing right here with my Proactive Empowered Careers® Model. It's helped 1000’s of people create the career they want, and it can do the same for you too. So, if you are in a space that doesn't match your expectations, of what you want for your life, who you are or the value you bring; you feel you are not being seen, and find yourself feeling disillusioned, stuck, overwhelmed and powerless, The process is the same. No matter your situation or where you are on the spectrum from ‘tweaks to wholesale change’ this proven step by step process will guide to the career you want. So the question is never

‘But what if I can't do anything else?’

The question is always

‘What do I want my career to be?’

If that feels like a stretch, start simpler with :

'What’s right with the career I have right now?'

Get a blank sheet of paper and start writing. Write anything and everything that comes into your mind. Don't question yourself. Don't censure yourself. Just let all your thoughts and feelings download onto your sheet of paper. Take as long as you need. What did you find? When you are done, bring your list and any questions, insights, thoughts, feelings or anything else that came up for you while doing this to the

where I will be happy to answer them all, and provide the coaching support, guidance or help you need... and yes it's free 😊.

Or just leave a comment or your questions below.

If the questions above raise more, then bring them and any others too. 2022 is going to be the year you create the career you want for a life where you thrive. And I’m going to help you get there! Patricia x

Find more free resources to help you change career successfully here

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