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Christmas is a time for giving.... what about you?

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

December has to be without doubt the most exhausting month of the year! Not only have we been pushing and striving to achieve all that we can in our work, supporting family, friends and clients throughout the year and trying to navigate any challenges that have cropped up, we end the year with the biggest holiday celebrations in the Christian calendar. For most of us by the time we get to mid-December sheer will is the only thing keeping us upright and going!

This morning though I did something different. I got up late, walked the beach and indulged in one of my favourite things. And then my day began.

Did I have loads to do? Yes.

Could I have been more productive? Yes.

Could I have gotten more done by now? Yes.

How do I feel in myself right now – amazing!

I started my day doing one of the things I absolutely love - I walked the beach, and the sky was a beautiful blue with hints of pink and grey and the sun was rising gently in the east, and I listened to TED Talks. And during my walk I learned about the importance of engaging Generation Possible (love that) in continuing the fight against nuclear weapons and armament, how sex plays a role in the objectification and disempowerment of women and their sexuality, how givers and takers and matchers help in organisational performance and how the descriptors for love are always associated with pain and destruction (look up the definition of 'smitten' if you don’t believe me!). But most important of all I had a smile on my face because I was doing what I absolutely loved, despite the fact I had convinced myself I had too much to do and just didn't have the time.

As I set off on my walk I had left behind a list of things to do as long as my arm - all the things I had to do before I could finally switch off and say I am having a break for Christmas. By the time I had finished my walk and my cheeks were a little bit pink and achy from the fresh wind and all the smiling from what I had been listening to, I had decided to do something drastic instead. As I walked I took out my imaginary red pen and I started to cross things of my endless list of things to do.

2019 for me really is about what I am always telling other people to do – putting myself first. When I put myself first by creating space and time to do the things that make me truly happy - like walking on the beach on the western coast of Scotland - wind, rain or sun - listening to TED Talks, reconnecting with myself and the elements around me - the inspiration, happiness, energy and creativity the experience brings me is incalculable. I engage better, I perform better, I am better.

So, I have started my rebalance and reconnection for 2019 now…before Christmas. I have taken my list and my biggest red pen and crossed out (ruthlessly I might add) all the things that can wait – all the things that if I take them off the list will create space to allow me to focus on myself, which will in turn allow me to be my best, do my best work, be present for everyone around me and for those who might need me in the New Year.

Now it's your turn. Take out your list of things to do – be it real or imagined, and go through it too - ruthlessly.

Is everything on that list essential?

Would Christmas really be any different if you missed any of the things off?

Get the red pen out and start crossing things off!

Don’t make making yourself a priority and committing to yourself a struggle or something that will miraculously begin after you have done everything else and been there for everyone else…. because it will never happen.

Make 2019 your year to prioritise yourself!

To be your best and to be there for everyone else you must first be there for yourself. And to ensure you begin the journey to being there for yourself try the Rebalanced You – 5 Day Wellbeing Reset.

Sign up today in the peace and knowledge that you have done your utmost to ensure everything is in place to make 2019 your year to prioritise yourself and thrive, then sit back, relax and begin to enjoy your Christmas. All that matters is being with the people you love and nobody will really mind if you only have two side dishes instead of 6, or that the gravy came out of a jar!

Merry Christmas.

© Patricia Ezechie Coaching and Consultancy 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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