Lockdown one year on.....

Updated: Mar 31

Sometimes it's felt a lot longer than 365 days.

But it is just 365 days since we went into the first lockdown in the UK.

So many of us have been challenged above and beyond the collective struggle we have all faced.

But, we are still here today.

Many others have not been so fortunate.

So there is much to be grateful for.

Each of us, even though we have shared a collective experience, have had our own journey of highs and lows over the last year.

For everyone who has felt alone ... you are not alone.

There are so many people, myself included, who you can reach out to and we will support if we can.

For anyone who has experienced loss .... I am thinking about and sending love to you today.

The thing about challenge and change is that it teaches us to much about ourselves.

So as you reflect today, what have you learned about yourself in this year like no other?

What are your stories and experiences?

What were your highs and what were your lows?

What are you grateful for today?

Share your thoughts, stories and feelings about your year by leaving a comment below.

Love to you all.
















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