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Mental Health Awareness Week Challenge - Day 6

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Mental Health Awareness Challenge Day 6- Patricia Ezechie Coaching

Mental Health Awareness Week CHALLENGE DAY 6

Yay it’s the weekend and for many of us the hope is we will get a chance to recharge and get some downtime for ourselves. In reality, for many people, this is the time they take to do all the things they did not have a chance to do during the week, squeezing in all the responsibilities and activities being part of a family or relationship requires.

The result is that rather than being the much needed break at the end of the week and chance to recharge, the weekend is either at worst an opportunity to continue working to ‘get up to date’ and ‘catch up’ or is so full of so much doing that you get to Monday even more mentally exhausted and drained than you were when the weekend began!

So the mental health awareness challenge today is:

Create some space and time for yourself this weekend to relax.

Whether that’s going for a walk on your own, going to a yoga class, doing a meditation or guided relaxation, sitting and reading, or working in your garden – take some time for yourself and consciously let go of the stresses and strains of your week.

No job is so important that it is worth your mental, physical or emotional wellbeing, and if you don’t create the boundaries and space to ensure you have the time you need to recharge, relax and restore - who will?

Have a great weekend and here’s to better mental health for all of us.

Find more free resources to support you and your mental health and wellbeing here

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