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Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Self Compassion - Patricia Ezechie

I’m pretty sure most, if not all of you who read these blogs, do everything (or almost everything) with the best of intentions. Whether speaking to others, making decisions, or taking action, your motivations are coming from the best place, are genuine, and with an open heart. So if that‘s the case why are we so hard on ourselves when things don’t go as we hoped? Or others let us down? Why do we hold ourselves to standards that we would never hold others to, Or show ourselves the same loving kindness, self compassion and forgiveness we so freely give to others? You are doing the best you can. Your decisions were made with integrity and openness. Others' actions and behaviours do not reflect on, or define you. Give yourself some of the love, understanding, sensitivity, and care you so freely give to others. You deserve it too. You are enough. You are doing enough (and probably too much!). You are a good person with a kind and beautiful soul. Nothing more is expected of you.

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