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Stop beating yourself up!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Stop  beating yourself up by Patricia Ezechie

Don't do it anymore. Beating yourself into submission. Beating yourself into motivation. Vilifying yourself into making the changes you want to make by being as hard and as cruel to yourself as you can …. calling it motivation.

It's not motivation. It's self-abuse. And it might be working now, but eventually it stops.

The constant, mental tongue lashing and self-criticism. The harshness of the things you would NEVER dream of saying to anyone else yet feel fine to say to yourself.

They all cause damage.

They slowly erode you, your self-esteem, your health. They cause you to push passed all the signals telling you to stop, because you can’t see or hear them, or choose not to. You miss the turnings and exits. You miss the opportunities. You miss the warnings. You don’t stop to take a breath or slow down long enough to see what else there is. You don’t see any of it. Until maybe it’s too late and you are forced to stop.

So, if you're doing this, stop now.

Stop engaging in self-abuse as a means of motivation.

Start paying attention to the other signals and aspects of your life.

They are important.

Learn a new way to be with, motivate and care for yourself.

Pay special attention to the signals telling you to slow down or stop, instead of pushing passed them.

Notice the other aspects of your life you may be neglecting.

Most importantly of all, be aware that the drive to push yourself passed your limits can lead to negative consequences.

If you need some help to do this start here.

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