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How to deal with uncertainty in ever increasingly uncertain times

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Dealing with uncertain times - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

We are living in uncertain times.

I don’t think anyone would dispute that.

So if you are wobbling a bit, are scared about what the future holds for you in terms of your job, career or business, or you have decided that life is too short to not be doing what you really love but the idea of doing anything to change the status quo terrifies you you are not alone in your fear and uncertainty.

The question is

“Are you going to allow yourself to remain paralysed by the uncertainty and fear you may be feeling, or are you going to harness it, face it head on and transform that energy into actions that will propel you closer to who you want to become and what you want to do” ?

Everyone has a limit to what they can achieve – but that limit is imposed by YOU.

Not your boss,

your employer,

your background,

the chances you had or the opportunities presented to you.

Are we playing on a level playing field?

Absolutely not.

Does that mean you are powerless?

Hell no!

So here are three things you can do right now to take that power back, become more certain and take the first tentative steps towards what you want instead of hiding in fear from it.

1. Manage the uncertainty and uncertain times

It is driven by fear and 9 out of 10 times your fears are fuelled by thoughts and beliefs that have no basis in reality. You can find a free training to guide you through how to manage your uncertainty step by step here

2. Focus on what you can control and influence

Doing anything else is just a time stealer, energy sucker and mental health destroyer. You can find a free training to show you how here

3. Resource up!

You can’t achieve anything if you're not mentally, emotionally and physically resourced to do so. Do you have enough internal resources and resilience to embark on the journey you are about to? Find out more about the importance of your ‘Levels’ and how you can ensure you are fuelled for success with this free training here

If the uncertainty of the times we are in is paralysing you or just compounding the anxiety you are feeling about your work, career or life

You have support,

You have guidance, and

You have agency

From me – right here.

So use it.

The only limit to what you can achieve is you.

I believe in your capability and potential.

Maybe it’s time you started to believe it yourself.

You can also find more resources to support you in your career and life here

© Patricia Ezechie Coaching and Consultancy 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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