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It's all about your levels of wellbeing

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

The levels of wellbeing - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

The foundation that underpins everything that I do in my work with my clients and community is a focus on our health and wellbeing – PERIOD.

For me that comes from my experience of developing chronic fatigue syndrome in 2004 resulting in a six year journey of slowly making my way back to recovery.

Six years where I couldn’t plan anything as I never knew if today would be a day I could do a little or do nothing,

Six years where I lost who I thought I was and found who I am.

Six years that made me realise in every tear I cried that I had nothing and was nothing if I did not have my health.

This is why health and wellbeing and the levels of wellbeing is so important in how I work and a cornerstone of what we do here. I never wanted anyone else to experience or go through this . A focus on health and wellbeing is the foundation on which we build everything in our work here together and what we do in the Creating the Career and Life community.

Without our health and wellbeing we cannot achieve.

Without our health and wellbeing we cannot create, change, start or finish.

So what do I mean by levels?

Your levels maintain the background resilience, health and wellbeing you need to thrive.

A great analogy I have heard to describe this is thinking of your wellbeing as similar to rowing in a boat floating on a lake where the water level represents your background level of resilience.

When you are run down and your resilience is at a low ebb you are more likely to sink. When you are well and your resilience is at a high you can easily float and skim across the surface of the lake without too much effort - you are resourced, engaged, energised, able, safe, happy and in control.

These levels are the resources that will enable you to :





Being present to and tuned into these levels is also the basis of self awareness. It is almost the first rung of the ladder … the base level of the pyramid… the foundation to a successful career and life.

You are here reading this blog today because you want to find clarity. Clarity about your work, career, life (family and relationships), purpose.... all lofty and worthwhile ambitions.

But it takes work.

It takes engagement, Commitment, and space.

To be resourced do this work we need to get those base levels down first.

So what are they?

They are sleep, nutrition, movement, energy, space, mood.

Over the next few blogs we will explore these in detail.

In the meantime if you are ready to begin working on getting your base levels for success in place, or you want to begin to build a deeper sense of self awareness, sign up for my free Resilience and Wellbeing course here.

You can also find more free resources to support you in your wellbeing and career change journey here

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