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Mental Health, Self Care and You

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Patricia Ezechie  Coaching - Rebalanced You Wellbeing Retreat 6-7 July 2019, Roffey Park, Horsham , West Sussex

Yesterday saw the end of Mental Health Awareness Week and I hope you were able to join me on our daily mental health awareness challenges on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.  If not, you can find each of the daily challenges here  -  mental health awareness week may be over but that doesn’t mean we should stop shining the spotlight on this issue that is touching everyone either directly or through someone they know or are close to, so start the challenges today!

If you haven’t already seen them, I would highly recommend the series of documentaries the BBC has been running as part of its Mental Health Season, which have done an amazing job in encouraging honest open conversation about the many ways mental health challenges affect everyone in society. So although Mental health Awareness week concluded yesterday the conversation and support continues, as does my focus in continuing to encourage you all to keep yourselves, and your mental, emotional and physical health a priority.

My upcoming Rebalanced You Wellbeing Retreat  (6-7th July 2019) has been designed to teach the skills and practical tools you need to incorporate into your every-day life to help you build up your background resilience and ensure you remain present and connected enough to yourself to remain well.  If you are at a point where you feel the demands of your daily life are beginning to feel more than you can manage comfortably, and overwhelm, stress and  exhaustion are affecting the quality of your life, you will be supported during this weekend to begin your journey back to better life balance and full health.

This weekend is also an opportunity for a time out in the beautiful surroundings of St Leonards Forest in West Sussex if you need some space to relax and recharge.

Places are limited and the Early Bird Price ends on 31st May 2019, so click here to reserve your place with a deposit of £100, and make the commitment to your self-care, health and wellbeing a reality.


If you know anyone who is needs :

  • some support to balance their personal and work demands or in

  • creating safe boundaries to protect their health,

  • whose stress is becoming difficult to manage or are

  • in real danger of burning out

help them by passing on the details of the Rebalanced You Retreat – it will make a fundamental difference to their health and wellbeing and start them on the journey back to full health and better life balance.

Here’s to continued health and better life balance for all of us.

Find more free resources to support your health and wellbeing here

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