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What is Resilience?

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

What is resilience? Patricia Ezechie Coaching

It’s a word you are probably seeing everywhere at the moment,

which is not surprising given what we have all been experiencing with the coronavirus crisis over the last 12 months.

And there are countless definitions for Resilience, many of which I have used myself when I have taught courses about or run programmes on it.

But my thoughts when I was asked myself that question this morning, was that for me,

"Resilience is the ability to return to a state of wellbeing or wellness……. no matter what we encounter".

(you read that here first 😉).

"Wellbeing" as defined by the English Oxford Dictionary is

“the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy".

Lovely…. but incomplete.

It is not clear that in addition to "being comfortable, healthy, and happy", we also need to be satisfied in our lives, have a sense of purpose and control.

So as a word and a description it is amorphous …

covering so many things,

from eating the right food and drinking enough water,

to having enough space to connect with ourselves,

having enough space to connect with something higher than ourselves,

having enough space to find and connect with a sense of purpose,

having enough space to really understand your "why".

So what has resilience and returning this state of wellness have to do with "Clarity"?


Everything I do,

in my work with you,

and with everyone I work with,

requires us to start from a position of wellness and wellbeing.


Because the only way we can create the careers we want and lives we want, is if we do so keeping front and centre in the creation of our new reality,

the prioritisation and maintenance of our wellbeing.

That is why this is the essence of my mission and purpose,

and the strap line I use to explain and talk about what I do is…..

“Creating he Career the career you want for the life you want

is about creating a career and life where you can be:

Authentic and Present.

Using your best skills and strengths (so fully on purpose),

But in a way that supports your health and wellbeing.”

~ Patricia Ezechie

You have and will continue to see this in the blogs and articles I write,

you will hear it on the podcast I am creating (watch this space 😊),

and that is the link between clarity and wellbeing.

Wellbeing drives everything we will be doing here.

It is the foundations to the house you will be building.

It the bridge between being stressed and burnt out,

to being fully resourced, clear on what you want, and on the road to creating it.

How can you have the energy and the resources to think about or emotionally connect with what you want,

if you are in a state of imbalance,

have stepped out of your state of wellbeing,

have been knocked,

or are wobbling - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually?

How can you have the energy and the resources to think about or emotionally connect with what you want,

if you have not taken the time to bounce back from,

or even better forward into that state of wellness or wellbeing?

If you are reading this and you are in that place,

feel out of balance,

are wobbling,

have taken a knock,

or feel unable to cope,

and you want to return to that place of being grounded, present, resourced and congruent,

stepping back into your state of wellbeing,

It's free,

it's short,

it’s effective,

and it just begins to move you back into the place and space you need to be,

to take the next steps towards Creating the Career and Life you Want.

Leave your comments here, follow me on INSTAGRAM or join the conversation in the Creating the Career and Life Community.

Have a great week.

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