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Mental Health Awareness Week Challenge Day 4 - Breathe

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Mental Health Awareness Challenge Day 4 - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

Your Mental Health Awareness Day 4 Challenge?

Breathe More Consciously.

We all know taking a few deep breaths can transform how we feel almost instantly. But most of us still don't utilise the space we have in our bodies, and breathe properly.

Your breath is the greatest barometer of what’s going on for you in your body, mind and emotions. It will tell you everything you need to know in the moment, if you just tune in to it.

Breath is fuel and energy, and just making it a little deeper trigger’s amazing and beneficial chemical and physiological changes in your body and mind.

It energises and relaxes (at the same time),

slows your heart rate,

increases the blood flow to every part of your body,

aids digestion,

and does countless other wonderful things for you as well as just making you feel better.

There are not many things that provide such huge benefits for no cost and little effort, so for today, try and check in with yourself from time to time, and notice how you are breathing. When you do:

Sit or stand a little straighter,

Take even deeper breaths using all of your lungs,

Repeat as required,

Then go on with the day.

It really will make all the difference.

Have a great mental health day.

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